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    Zero Punctuation: The Surge

    I had a different negative experience with the third boss. I killed it on the first try and got a V2 weapon that was no use to me because of my weapon proficiency. The single rigged weapons are the only ones that can block and counter enemy attacks without opening yourself up to being hit by...
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    The Big Picture: Schlocktober 2014: Bloodfreak

    Try watching the movie "Thanks Killing." I guarantee you, Thanksgiving will never be the same.
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    The Big Picture: Schlocktober 2014: Dragon Wars: D-War

    I always knew it was possible, but i never expected it to happen. You did a Schlocktober episode on a movie that i not only watched in theaters, but own on DVD. I didn't even know that there was hype about the movie, all i knew is that my GF at the time was an animation major, and this movie...
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    Uncivil War: Alien: Isolation - Who Can Live The Longest?

    This was the most nerve racking episode yet. I love you guys.
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    No Right Answer: Attack on Attack on Titan

    Ghost Stories. If you don't know what i'm talking about, look it up.
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    The Big Picture: Real Cutie - Manga Turned Live Action

    Has anyone watched both this and Kil La Kill? I'm curious if there are any connections beyond the obvious strength from skimpy clothing thing.
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    Jimquisition: Vertigo

    First thing i thought of was Angelica from "Rugrats- Totally Angelica" a greedy, narcissistic girl who seeks only to gather more stuff for herself so she can be in a fashion show to make herself famous....... In another game Angelica enslaved the other babies to perform in her own circus...
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    Escapist Podcast: 111: Valve Annoucements

    Did everyone forget that most TV's have PC inputs? Or that most Gaming PC's have HDMI cables? I haven't been following the Steam Machine very closely, but i can already play from my rocker, office chair, or couch already. Why would i need to buy a new piece of hardware just so i can do what i...
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    Jimquisition: To Play The Villain

    Ive watched some play through footage of this game, and despite it earning a 10/10 on game play and graphics, I just couldn't get into the story. I'm the type of person who rarely chooses the "Renegade" option in Mass Effect, it just isn't how i think. But why did i hate this game while i love...
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    Jimquisition: Lugoscababib Discobiscuits

    Welcome back, I like the change of pace. I can't agree more, i hate intellectual idiots who try to sound like they know it all but miss the point completely. You can't even have a conversation with them because they (most of the time) become so defensive that the conversation turns into an...
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    Escapist News Now: Xbox One Day One Exclusive Content

    still not going to buy it, none of these games appeal to me to begin with. Start coming out with some original IP's and i'll reconsider.
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    Jimquisition: Time To Get Paid

    Its a shame that the more successful games in a market are all HD remakes and "failures" that didn't quite meet expectations. Hopefully more games will be like Payday 2 and Dark Souls. No pandering, no babying, just good old fashioned make it for the people who play it.
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    EXP: Steve vs. Steve Episode 5

    That was great, things are getting really creative now.
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    Jimquisition: Go Fish

    Thank you for staying with us and continuing to be one of the sole places of reason in this crazy gamer community. A lot of things are changing and it is nice to have it explained in a way that i can understand and that can make me laugh. I may not agree with everything you say, but you still...
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    Movie Trailers: My Little Pony: Equestria Girls - Trailer

    this movie isn't playing in theaters near me, i checked a 50 mile radius the day of release and didn't see a single theater showing this movie. I mean wtf? We are having ANOTHER brony convention soon, and they don't play this movie anywhere near central Florida? Oh never mind, there's a single...