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    Hellboy Director Hates Game Cutscenes

    Cutscenes are going to stay a part of games. That's a fact. And they aren't ALL bad. There are times when it is very appropriate to use a cutscene over something else. It can reinforce the notion that you are not always in control of what's going on. You can't stop or even react to everything...
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    So I just cancelled my Pre-order for Mass Effect 3...

    The Old Republic does require origin. Will I require an Origin account in addition to a SWTOR account? Yes, you will require an active Origin account in addition to a Star Wars: The Old Republic account. You can create a new Origin account by going to the Origin Account Registration page...
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    MW3 Minor Spoiler, (A Death scene)

    It's an unfortunate truth of war. Innocent people including children are often involved when they shouldn't be. Video games should be able to talk about any subject like any other mass medium.
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    Ever read a book so bad that you actaully stopped reading?

    My girlfriend tried to get me to read Twilight. It caused me physical pain. Well actually ex-girlfriend but whatever.
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    The City nearest to you has just been nuked.

    HA! TAKE THAT HONOLULU!!!!! Yeah I live in Hawaii....and absolutely hate it. The only thing about my life that will change is that I'll have a better reason to get off this island as soon as I can.
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    Poll: Are your parents divorced? College Survey

    Yes my parents are divorced. And my mom is married to someone who was in a previous marriage.
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    Xbox And PS3, Living Together In Harmony

    Oh god damn it! Do you see what you did now? I just nerdgasmed so hard that I don't think I'll ever get the stains out of these pants....or off my walls. How the hell am I supposed to afford one of the babies now that I have to replace a whole wall?
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    It still works!!

    I DID THE SAME THING WITH MY GAMEBOY!!! People always ask me how I managed that and I respond "Bowel movement is no reason to stop gaming. Especially with a handheld."
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    Has a game ever made your cry?

    The Overlord DLC of Mass Effect 2 made me cry. That last scene was just....I couldn't help it.
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    Man Arrested For Trying to Split the Atom at Home

    What sort of age do we live in that a man can't even perform mad science experiments in his own home?!?! What's next? Telling me I can't make a clone army of myself in my basement? Saying I can't test my death ray on neighbors obnoxiously loud children? Or maybe even that the national treasury...
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    BioWare Letting Fans Choose Mass Effect 3's FemShep

    I honestly have to say that I much preferred the original default compared to these. I've sort of grown attached to that one. I have multiple save files I will be moving over for Mass Effect 3 both male and female but I do have to say that there was something about Femshep that just clicked very...
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    You now have a Army of the last thing you killed in a videogame.

    Given that I just beat Mass Effect 2 again that gives me an army of incomplete human reapers. Interesting.
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    These June Game Sales Numbers Are Kind of Depressing

    This does lack the tidbit of information reminding us that Duke Nukem Forever is a game that has been in production for 12 YEARS! Think of just how many of those sales were pre-orders and there's again the whole Child of Eden not being near as good without the extra $150 peripheral.
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    Scenes that made you cry like a *****.

    Scene near the end of the Christmas party of Toradora. Don't want to give any spoilers but yeah it was pretty brutal.
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    Britain in videogames

    Now thinking about it I can't think of any British developers. You hear about foreign film and everything and while you may not watch it it's very well known to exist but, with gaming the ONLY countries I can think of that make a largish number of games are the US and Japan. Gorram double...