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    Snipers and you

    woops doubled down
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    Snipers and you

    Sounds to me like your problem is more "Why don't people fill out multiple roles in games rather than picking what they like" than "Snipers blargh", and the response to your problem is already given when it's phrased like that - cause (I hesitate to say most) some people would prefer to play...
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    who is your man/woman crush?

    Definitely Liam Neeson, the accent, his voice, his typecast machismo roles ... I dunno, he's awesome. I quite like Robert Downey Jr too EDIT: Oh, Chris Hemsworth and David Tennent (I liked him in Dr Who, then I loved him in Cassanova, then I loved him in Dr Who too)
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    Job Application Form: State your sexuality. Me: Why does that even matter?

    This is required to give companies an answer to any claims of discrimination based on these grounds. Technically, nationality doesn't matter (outside of the "Are you allowed to work in [country]" issue), but they need to be able to prove that they're NOT racist/bigoted/etc. While yes it...
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    Beer goggles are real

    I'm not sure putting drunk people in an MRI machine is the best idea. They look tough to clean out, and I'm not sure there's any other way to really "prove" that sort of thing. Above all, would it really even matter? Or more to the point "Do they actually have to do a study about that?" :P
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    'Oh, I see you have apologised. I still want more of your blood!!!' - Really?

    I'm gonna go ahead and say "Yeah, I don't think people should still be howling for Jeremy Clarkson to be fired" since that's what my brain attached to what you were saying. As petty as some of the causes may seem to be for witch hunts, I'm not surprised (nor will I ever be) that another one...
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    Surviving an All-Nighter

    DRINK. WATER. I cannot put enough stress on it. Keep yourself properly hydrated (if you need to pee really badly, you actually make better snap judgements, there was actually research done on quality of choices made correlated to need for the bathroom - might improve the quality of your work)...
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    Pen & Paper (Tabletop) RPG Advice for the Completely Inexperienced

    Well Roll20 is a brilliant (and FREE :D) place to start, it's a virtual tabletop system that will allow you to join games hosted by others, there's even a search criteria of "new players welcome" in their LFG section. You're probably better off joining a game with someone else running as the...
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    Do we all let sterotypes fuel our views?

    Stereotypes are guided by what is known as our schemata. This is our world view, that is affected by our past experiences and shared knowledge. When we first meet someone, our brains search for a schemata in order to provide you with topics of communication. Ever wondered why it feels kinda...
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    would you humiliate your children?

    This thread is just a disaster, it's so meaningless. I'm sure this thread has at least a few different views of what you mean by "humiliation", and the more extreme side is clearly going to be denied into oblivion, while minor humiliation (Like "don't pick your nose, that's...
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    Poll: A Tricky Moral Dilemma

    He gets the bits that no one else wants to eat - probably the lungs, genitals, brain, etc. I don't want him to die but I'll be damned if he takes those prime cuts from the people that were willing to take the risk. He can eat, but not feast :D
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    Hitting... Women

    awhoops ;-; double post
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    Hitting... Women

    The majority of what I've been reading in this thread is idealistic crap, and I sincerely hope those people writing it are aware they aren't being realistic. "You shouldn't ever hit someone unless your life depends on it .." Guess what, emotional responses happen ALL THE TIME and they will...
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    Cross-Over, Because.....We have the same name.

    I was thinking Bruce Wayne and Bruce Almighty; a news reporter turns vigilante in order to get the hot new scoops on criminals being caught, this gets in the way of his relationship with the love interest, and he must find balance in his life. Also, the weatherman on the news channel is Bruce...