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    Female vocals trip-hop/chillout songs?

    Hey everyone, I was just wondering if people had any trip-hop/chillout songs with smooth female vocals to share? I guess I'm not entirely sure if my genre description fits the music that I'm really looking for, but here a few of my favorite songs in that style: Emiliana Torrini - Fingertips...
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    What is your opinion on the Core Design Tomb Raider games?

    With my copy of Tomb Raider 9 still coming through the mail I've been replaying parts of the older Tomb Raider games by Core Design, I am curious to see what fellow escapists think about them from a modern perspective (and of course, to share my own opinion). I frequent the official Tomb Raider...
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    Games that don't get enough credit for atmosphere

    I guess Dear Esther and Dreamfall: The Longest Journey don't get much credit for their atmosphere.
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    Recommend me a bad video game...

    Hello, about three months ago I had the morbid pleasure of playing an obscure video game known as 'Sniper 2', on the Playstation 2. The voice acting, character animations and dialogue were so consistently awful that the cutscenes actually became quite entertaining. And the gameplay was about...
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    Story games

    Ghost Trick (ds), 999 (ds), Deus Ex (pc), Nier (360), Knights of the Old Repulic 1 & 2 (pc), Dreamfall: The Longest Journey (pc) Alpha Protocol (pc/360) Catherine (360) Dear Esther (pc) Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver (pc) Sam & Max (pc) To the Moon (pc) Stanley Parable mod (pc)
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    Gamers Statistics

    1. Deus Ex, Killer 7, Knights of the Old Republic 2. Male 3. 22
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    Barely known/obscure games you wish more people knew

    These are the main ones that come to mind that i've played. And Yet It Moves Cryoastasis Darkwatch Dear Esther Experience 112 Gravity Bone (freeware) Intelligent Qube Jumping Flash 1 & 2 Killer 7 Nier Receiver - Indie game that gives you huge control with the functions of a firearm...
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    PC/console. Just stop. Please.

    Although I consider myself a PC gamer, I can understand your frustration. But asking people to be consistently reasonable about anything on the internet is a tall order. Through the anonymity of the internet people are more bold and forceful than they might be in person, and it doesn't take long...
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    Let's Talk About *GASP* GAMES!

    First Thought: A tactical shooter based entirely around recreating famous shootouts. For example, It would be incredible to play as a police officer desperately cowering behind cover and trying to take down Emil and Larry after they have exited the North Hollwood bank with fully automatic...
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    PC to console "dumbing down" AKA "Holy crap, what were they thinking?"

    I've played a lot of shooters on the PC (and console), however I enjoyed Crysis 2 just as much as the original. I can't deny that there were numerous compromises made for the sake of reaching a wider market. The original Crysis clearly has more freedom (though it could be seen that Crysis 1 is...
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    Games that have outstanding writing

    When it comes to the characters Bioware and Obsidian do a good job. 999 on Nintendo DS was well written all round in that it knew how to play with your expectations and deconstruct seemingly cliched characters. The story and audio logs in System Shock 2 & Bioshock were very well-written. A...
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    What Games must be played?

    Everyone's tastes are different, so there's only really games that I would recommend rather than ones I'd consider to be 'essential'. FPS/TPS; No-one Lives Forever 2, FEAR, STALKER (particularly Shadow of Chernobyl), Deus Ex, System Shock 2, Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis, Cryoastasis...
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    Why is film considered 'better'?

    I agree that IP owners would want their work to be turned into a film mostly for money and exposure. But being told a story that we already know is the basis of fiction, real originality is both rare and not always practical. What's important is taking inspiration from previous works of fiction...
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    The One Problem With The Witcher Franchise...

    You're reaction is basically the trope 'Darkness-induced Audience Syndrome'. Not sure if that helps to point it out though.
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    The Deep Cave: Xbox Live Indie Review

    The Deep Cave Xbox Live Indie Review There's not a whole lot to say about The Deep Cave given it's simplicity, but in my mind it's yet to receive the attention that it deserves. The Deep Cave is a side-scrolling platformer released on the 'Xbox Live Indie' channel on November 23rd 2010. The...