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    "Monkey Selfie" Erupts into Copyright Battle on Wikipedia

    I was on the guy's side until I read the story and learned that he's a nutjob.
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    Super Smash Bros. 4's New Challengers Are Fire Emblem's Robin And Lucina

    I've always wished they would bring in a female Fire Emblem character. I just wish they'd done so sooner - then they might have drawn from older games. I'd much rather have Lyn than any of the others. I also like how Fire Emblem is now tied with Mario for most represented series. It's...
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    Jimquisition: Diversity? LIEversity!

    Considering how many people I've seen here and elsewhere buy into Ubisoft's ridiculous excuses and even re-iterate them to defend the company, I'm afraid they were absolutely right about some of us being stupid.
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    The Big Picture: Link Be A Lady

    I made the mistake as usual of reading a few comments before watching the video, and it seems like a few people wouldn't like a female link, for various stupid reasons. Then I watched the video and it had all the perfect counterpoints to those reasons. So I guess none of these people were paying...
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    Mario Kart 8's "Mercedes-Benz" DLC Coming to The US

    It's like when you're watching a nice TV drama and then they have to drive somewhere and they spend 3 minutes on fancy driving shot, get a good close-up of the brand logo, and the characters completely drop everything they were talking about in order to mention the on-board GPS or a cupholder or...
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    Poll: What do you think of the WiiU now?

    I always find it funny how many people cry doom for a console because it has few good games, when it is very obviously going to get the games it needs. I know for a fact there are going to be a number of people in this very thread who should be very embarrassed about things they once said about...
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    "Pigeon Dating Sim" Hatoful Boyfriend Remake Coming This Summer

    It really shouldn't take this many posts before someone gets around to posting PGB
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    The Big Picture: No No Power Rangers

    Even a few degrees of difference can be big. For me it's simply the fact that Power Rangers ages extremely poorly, or fails entirely to jump over the age gap. I was right in exactly in the right age range to watch Power Rangers, and watch it I did, and I loved it as a kid. But I sure don't love...
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    No Right Answer: Is the Internet a Bad Thing?

    The answer is no. You're welcome.
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    Kim Dotcom Can Have His Stuff Back, Court Rules

    Hey, good for hi*looks at picture* fuck that guy
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    Adventure Time Sword Forged in Man At Arms

    Perfectly round handles make me sad :(
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    Zero Punctuation: inFAMOUS: Second Son - Bad Son Good Son

    Okay but really stop with the video subtitles
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    Star Trek's Capt. Janeway "Misinformed" Participant in Geocentrist Film - Update

    What I take away from this is that I should go check out Orange is the New Black.
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    Zero Punctuation: Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

    The problem would be that genre is meant to demark gameplay and inform expectations, and while it has magic swords and some character leveling, the fundamental gameplay is that of a turn based tactics game, making it much closer to something like Advanced Wars than it is to a game like Golden...
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    Peter Molyneux: Fable III Was a Trainwreck. I'll Never Make my Perfect Game

    Considering that his visions usually involve an interactive world on a level that would require true AI personalities or real world simulations to fully realize, I get the feeling that it's not so much the creative process that's going to keep him from his magnum opus, but more the fact that he...