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    Zero Punctuation: Two Worlds II

    As Cracked (in its collective glory) and zero punctuation are possibly my two favourite things on this so called interweb, I am glad to see some kind of crossover/acknowledgement or whatever...
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    So, who did you play as in Far Cry 2? And why?

    Ah love that game, shame the AI is so messed up. Josip was my first character, but for some reason i played through with pretty much all of them. Just did it a bit differently each time, like only IEDs and snipers, only use scavenged weapons, only pump-action shotgun, ect. Added alot of...
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    What would you write on a Safe Room wall?

    "FIRST LOL" whether i was first to the safe room or not.
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    Elder Scrolls Playing Style?

    Well, from what we know so far it will be paralyse/fireball in one hand and some variety of poisoned stabby-ness in the other, with a decent sneak level. Be investing in illusion if it's still there; mainly for charm and paralyse. Look forward to using archery too if ranged weapons are a bit...
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    Hands-On: Homefront Multiplayer

    You sir, are a man after my own heart. Deffinately the two most exciting shooters out this year in my opinion.
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    PS3 Portal 2 owners get PC edition free.

    I think the crossplatform play is the more interesting aspect of this. Maybe i'm just not keeping up but last i heard Valve hated the PS3, and generaly went around dissing the console. What changed?
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    Top 3 Games in your life

    I doubt anyone is still reading these but imma throw my 2 cents out there... 1. Timesplitters 2 Best local co-op ever in my opinion, mainly for its sense of humor; Top-hat wearing whales vs. Zombies vs. Riot police vs. Snowmen anyone? 2. Battelfield: Modern Combat My first real online...
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    Sandbox Survival Horror?

    Ah shame, sounds pretty good. Thanks for the recommendation though, might pick it up at some point.
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    Sandbox Survival Horror?

    Never heard of it, any good? "I Am Alive" sounds like it might be closer to what i'm thinking
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    Sandbox Survival Horror?

    Ah the thing is though that whilst stalker and FO:NV may have horror elements, they are essentialy shooters. Apologies for not being clear in the original post, but I was holding up empowering zombie slaughter-fests (like deadrising) as an example of what I didn't mean by survival horror. I...
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    Sandbox Survival Horror?

    There are plenty of free roaming games around these days, but why are they all essentialy action/fantasy? What would you think of a sandbox world for survival horror, (note, not infinite ammo zombie slaying action horror) or has it already been done? Thoughts?
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    Your zombie survival squad!

    1. Ghengis Khan 2. Duke Nukem 3. Gaz 4. Winston Churchil Where? Beirut...
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    Elder Scrolls V Similar to Mega Man With Dragons

    I personaly think the dragon shout thing sounds good, i assumed they'd have us grind down their health culminating in a GoW style quick time event or something.