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    Greek Turmoil Delays Bohemia Interactive "Spy" Trials

    I would suggest before you guys start pointing fingers and laugh/get upset/whatever that you do your research. Additionally, I have no idea how this thing works inside people's heads: how you equalize people with a country and give it characteristics of a person. How can a country be a...
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    I'm a vegan and I come in peace...

    Just look at your own first response to this thread! You're implying that we're making these animals a favor by having them to suit our needs so they do not deserve any kind of liberty. Am I wrong?
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    I'm a vegan and I come in peace...

    About rape: I'm comparing a natural instinct to another natural instinct. One we have suppressed and called a crime and a taboo and the other is perfectly normal. Please tell me where my logic is wrong? I'm not calling anyone a rapist, by the way. I'm trying to make you understand that the "it's...
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    I'm a vegan and I come in peace...

    Saying that it's ethical to have chickens and cows around because otherwise they would be extinct is like saying that the machines in the Matrix were doing humans a favor they were using them as living batteries.
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    I'm a vegan and I come in peace...

    Cadmium Magenta, I'm with you. I'm a vegetarian myself but admire vegans that do not make fools of themselves by being too preachy about their choices. Prepare to be met with overwhelming close-mindedness and hypocrisy. Would you eat a retarded person? How do you define intelligence? Are...
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    Prove your existence.

    For all you people just mindlessly typing "Cogito ergo sum" away, your behaviour could easily be emulated by bots. You as well as I, but at least I'm trying to be creative. EDIT: And for all you fans of Mr. Descartes, I assume you think that if your brain is extracted from your body and...
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    For the older gamers (10+ years of gaming), what is your GOTD (game of the decade)?

    Metroid Prime Shadow of the Colossus GTA III Geometry Wars World of Warcraft
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    $2.50 Reviews: Blade (1998)

    Well, if you consider that aging means "regeneration and growth" up to a certain part of your life from which on in switches into "shrinking and decay", it explains it. It's one of the mysteries of the world why exactly aging as a natural process kicks in after bodies have managed to not only...
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    Greek Island Angry at Portrayal in Videogames

    Well it is not exactly like Google Maps. As far as I can tell, it's not only the geography but also the buildings, that are modeled after the real ones pretty closely. I am Greek and I can see what's happening here. Just the mayor getting all technophobic with no real reason. A lot of time...
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    Grecian Zelda 3D Pre-Order Bonuses Infused With Tri-Force Power

    My question was rather sarcastic itself. Why don't you take a look at the post three posts above your own?
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    Grecian Zelda 3D Pre-Order Bonuses Infused With Tri-Force Power

    What are you talking about?
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    Games that have aged incredibly well.

    I played Super Metroid three years ago for the first time. They don't make games like that any more. Do you guys know Star Control 2 for the 3DO? A team ported it and perfected it for PC, and it's an amazing sci-fi RPG that's almost 20 years old! Actually, as...
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    Grecian Zelda 3D Pre-Order Bonuses Infused With Tri-Force Power

    I beg your pardon! We Greeks are as avid gamers as the next European. Well, for you people that are wondering why it's Greece and not anywhere else, there's no Nintendo of Greece per se. There's Nortec Co. which is an importer of Nintendo stuff in Greece. So it has the free to step outside...
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    So Bin Laden is Dead, what now?

    I don't really get it. I heard the news today and thought it might be true. But then I saw the only published photo of him dead, which turns out to be a blatant photoshop. I mean, I've seen better 'shop jobs on 4chan. Why?
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    Miyamoto States Interest in A Link to the Past 3DS Remake

    Will people stop calling ports remakes?