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    Who is the best fictional swordsman of all time?

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who wanted to post Raiden. Cyborgs are against the rules, but there's something awesome to be said about a guy who can lop off a giant mech's 50 foot blade arm, pick it up and cut the mech into clean slices with the seeming effort of picking up a heavy sack of...
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    If you could only play one game for each letter of the alphabet...

    This is gonna kill me in the M category. I so many favorite M's... A. Ace Attorney Trilogy B. Biohard 2 (Open up another R spot) C. Chrono Trigger D. Duodecim: Final Fantasy Dissidia E. Elite Beat Agents F. Final Fantasy 7, maybe 6 G. Gun Hazard (Front Mission) H. Halo Master Chief...
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    Tekken 7 Director Reveals New Character, Clarifies "Lucky Chloe" Situation

    I can't really say Chloe bothers me at all. Probably not a character I'd play with any regularity, but with the goofy tones the series has had I'd have a hard time saying she's less fitting in the roster than a kangaroo, bears, two dinosaurs, angels, demons, cyborgs, androids or Bruce Lee. I...
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    I'm thinking about starting to watch gundam, where should I start?

    I'm sure most have alluded to the same, but I'll say it anyway. It's very similar to what Moviebob said about getting into comics. It doesn't matter where you start. Start watching whatever catches your eye. If you like Gundam, then you might be set to dive into the full 35 years of...
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    Poll: Do you think any race should be able to be any class?

    I'm all for it. I've been getting more and more tired of the min-max aspect of RPG's lately, so I've been finding more fun in finding unusual characters. There's an interesting aspect to making a character that is deliberately inferior to others of it's typical race or class, especially from a...
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    If you could bring back one thing about retro games what would it be?

    It'd be nice if Nintendo had the 3rd party support it did back in the NES/SNES days...
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    Need some comedy Anime to improve my mood...

    Someone else on here mentioned Cromartie High School, and I'd second that. A series about a normal kid who goes to a high school filled with morons and delinquents. One of the most off-the-wall shows I've seen. Another I'd recommend is Genshiken. A slice of life show involving a college...
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    The first videogame you ever played

    Let's see... The first game I remember playing had to be "Ernie's Big Splash". Either that or some other 5' floppy game. I do distinctly remember Leisure Suit Larry from back then, too. I'm not at all ashamed to admit that I knew more commands for DOS between the ages of 3-5 than I do now.
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    United Nations To Debate Ban on Killer Robots

    All I have to say on the issue is this... Screw autonomous robots, make 'em big as hell and give me my goddamn Gundam Fight.
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    Your thoughts on Halo 4?

    Everything I've liked about Halo is here. I'm always in an fps for the story over the multiplayer, and as far as I'm concerned this is one of the best stories to come around in Halo. 343's slowly fleshing out the Chief's personality with dialogue and added stakes as important and more...
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    What is your GOTY so far?

    Demon's Crest. Sure, it's from 1994, but seeing as how I just played it this year, this month even, and had a blast with it, I say it counts!
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    Should you feel guilty for eating meat?

    I wouldn't feel guilty about it. Eating meat is part of the human diet. We're omnivores. Our front and canine teeth are designed to cut and tear meat apart, similar to a predator, while our back teeth are flat and suited to chewing and grinding, like an herbivore. If we were not meant to eat...
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    Scientists Breed Numerically Literate Fruit Flies

    My question is, why? What does teaching a fly to count do? Is this just one of those moments of scientific "because I wanna"? Well, regardless, -- ALL HAIL KING FLY --
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    Flash Game Makes Players Beat Up "Tropes vs. Women" Creator

    Yeesh... I figured our species would be above this sort of thing. Shows what I know.
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    Getting into manga

    Just from looking at my shelf... Rurouni Kenshin - A action/romantic comedy set in Japan in the late 1800's. Trigun - A sci-fi western that goes from funny and action packed to incredibly somber and action packed. Air Gear - Fighting, comedy, roller blades. Need I say more? Rather...