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    Poll: Deleted for your health

    No. Though, I almost never work in my free-time, so... go figure. (I was always of the "there'll be time for homework the morning it's due" kind of student...) Though, I do remember, as a kid, I once shit myself because I was finally going to be able to finish one of the harder missions of...
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    Poll: Does anyone (feminist, gamer, SJW, atheist) really find Fedoras attractive/cool?

    A Fedora looks good if you're wearing a suit, a waistcoat, or, at the very least, a shirt and tie. A Fedora does not look good if you're wearing shorts and a "my little pony" t-shirt that's several sizes too small for you.
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    Best conspiracy theory.....

    The Thule Society. [] Long story short, basically the entire leadership of the SS was in a cult that believed in a magical hidden Aryan version of Atlantis at the north pole. There was even a well documented archaeological division...
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    Do you really owe your parents anything?

    To be entirely fair, if your parents have raised you in such a way that the question "do I really owe my parents anything" can be taken seriously, you probably don't. (That, or you're an ungrateful little shit. Both are possible. Though... if you're still living with your parents when you're...
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    Your wallet is not prepared! Steam Autumn Sale 2014 is IMMINENT!

    So, Beyond Earth, preordering was £30 (presented as "Save £10! What a deal!"), buying at launch was £40 - because that's apparently a reasonable amount to pay for a digital game. (For those who under British Money, that's about 20 beersworth, which is how I think I'll measure all currency from...
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    If you could change your name without all the hassle, what would you pick?

    Torvin Luft. Dave's the kind of guy who tells you tall stories down the pub (which, admittedly, is the sort of thing that I do). But Torvin Luft is a man's man! He fights dragons! Controls the most arcane majicks! Leads humanity's first and last line of defence against the alien threat! Owns...
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    French Politician: Assassin's Creed is "Propaganda Against the People"

    We should maybe cut the guy some slack, yeah? He's clearly actually played the game rather than just screaming some bullshit along the lines of "games cause serial rapermurderers! OMG! CENSOR! CENSOR! BAN! BAN!". (Admittedly, I haven't played it - not really my shebang, and well, fuck uPlay...
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    Rumor: Sorry Folks, There Will be no DirectX 12 Support For Windows 7 - Update

    So, you know how Windows seems to have picked up "the curse of the Trek Movie"? (every other version being god-awful) Should we take this as confirmation that this whole thing is based on the name and not necessarily the actual iteration. Because, theoretically speaking, windows 9 should have...
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    Naked celebrities: a new social statement?

    I think we're looking at this the wrong way. If we remove the taboo from stuff like just being naked, people will just find new, more daring taboos, like, say, being naked, but with a leek on your head. Then there'll just be leaked pictures of celebrities wearing leeks, and every other movie...
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    Poll: What browser do you use?

    Firefox. The latest versions are becoming a bit resource intensive, so I might switch to something else soon. On that subject, this topic inspired me to install chrome earlier today. Then I noticed it was consuming half my CPU power after it had been closed. I have now uninstalled chrome. Or...
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    The Glam Burger (also known as the how to spend money better thread)

    A burger that has higher net worth than a significant proportion of the population? Well done, Capitalism. Well. Done. (Geddit? It's a steak pun! But, seriously, the existence of this is sickening and I hope anyone who actually buys one of these things chokes on it.)
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    The Simpsons: How Will It End?

    4 (more likely) ways the Simpsons might end: 1. Too many episodes Fox eventually creates enough Simpsons episodes that it'd take more time that any one person can actually live to watch them all (including ad breaks, of course!). As a cost saving measure, the Simpsons Channel (000001 on...
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    Can we talk about the Harassment, please?

    The only way you can really stop this is to remove anomynimity anonominity animinomono the ability for people to act anonymously on the web. I really think at the end of the day that's going to do more harm than good. Even if you could solve the problem of twitter, to paraphrase Jeff Goldblum's...
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    Wave Hoax Tricks Gullible iPhone Users Into Microwaving Their Phones

    Yeesh, some people are idiots... you have to set your microwave to "defrost" for it to work properly!
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    well, the the escapist was just attacked.

    Gasp! My account might be compromised? Good god, some madman might earn me badges! *Sigh*, this shit has been going on far too long... RANT TIME Gamergate (god, I hate that word) has, in my mind, become the Palestine of gaming "debate" two sets of really shitty people trying to get the...