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    How would you react if future 3D Zelda games got rid of Z-Targeting?

    Let me put it this way - if a person was in favor of removing the Z-targeting system, I would have to consider them a member of the "Not Z" Party. Friends don't let friends join the Not Z Party.
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    Top 5 games of all time

    1. Legend of Zelda - Twilight Princess My favorite game in my favorite series. Adored the music and dungeons. I think the darker atmosphere suits the game wonderfully, and I hope Nintendo takes another stab at that sort of tone in the next series installment. Hell, it might even prompt me to...
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    What world record did the poster above you just break?

    I know, I'm sorry! Blame the Witness Protection, to which I have no affiliation whatsoever... OT: Longest streaking streak preformed at a televised sporting event.
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    Escapist News Now: Fans Petition Microsoft For DRM

    You know what I miss most about the "old" Xbox One? Insane region locking that prevented half of the world from even using the console. Because fuck the rest of the planet so long as I get to keep my glorious DRM. Then I'll be happy. Oh, my apologies. It seems I drifted off into opposite...
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    Microsoft Drops Xbox One DRM Restrictions - UPDATED

    Despite the fact that the PS4 still appeals more to me (no Kinect, cheaper), I can definitely say that this is great news for the gaming industry as a whole. Assuming it's all true, I am proud to see the gaming public use its unrivaled ability of having its complaints heard for justice. Good...
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    Fine, you people win. (Giving in to peer pressure.)

    Agh! Kill it! Kill it with holy water and airstrikes!
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    MS Confirms Online Connection, Game Borrowing and Used Game Details

    Splendid PS4 advertisement, Microsoft. And here I was hoping that maybe, juuust maybe, you would come back with good news for gamers. Too bad. I really do love my 360 and I was initially prepared to support MS in the next gen, but no more. That is unless the PS4 turns right around with similar...
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    Fine, you people win. (Giving in to peer pressure.)

    You call this easy to read?! Bah! Where was the hook? The climax? And your post needed more closure in its resolution, dammit! (Kidding, it was a splenderous opening post.) OT: I too discovered The Walking Dead from comments on these forums, and as my lefternmost badge will indicate it was...
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    The Internet and the real you

    Thanks to the Escapist, whenever I now hear someone attempting to pass off their opinion as fact I just say "Oh, look, it's this thread again", scoff in their face, and walk away leaving them stunned. The internet as a whole, usually due to the things I read on news sites and comment...
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    The Last of Us Review - A New Apocalypse

    Can't wait for the next gen to arrive so I can spend most of it playing all the current-gen exclusives I've missed out on with a heavily discounted PS3. The Last of Us has held my attention for a whole year and I don't even have the means to play it. I've missed Naughty Dog... Jak 3 was so...
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    What do you think the above users deepest darkest secrets are?

    Prefers to sleep on the roof
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    Truth or False?

    False The next person has never received a driving ticket
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    Two words

    Down payment
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    How would you feel if you got robbed?

    Well, I'm not one to overreact or anything, but let's just say there'd be some Liam Neeson-style man hunting going on, let me tell ya. But seriously, I'd be mad as hell. Thievery/burglary/robbery just enrage me. I might as well throw piracy on there as well. Scumbags who don't deserve jack...
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    the ^ < V game

    ^Psssh! I'll share it! Ready? Cat videos... sold door-to-door to old people without internet connections! Boom! CA$H MONAYY < Genius v Has an even better idea.