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    If you were a Pokémon...

    Remember my good turtle friend, you had Kamina shades long before Kamina even existed!
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    PETA's Pokemon Parody Battles Animal Abuse

    No such thing as bad publicity my friend
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    PETA's Pokemon Parody Battles Animal Abuse

    i swear this game came out forever ago
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    Okay, I just have to rant about this...

    I'd say that its needlessly pessimistic. While many of these are true to an extent, they don't highlight the counterpoints. I do believe in unconditional love, for one, and while it is true that everyone will disappoint you eventually, its how they put things back together that makes people...
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    The History Channel - What happened?

    In their defense, it was the hitler and stalin channel, not just hitler
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    So I've finally gotten around to playing Tomb Raider...

    You will recall when Joel got wounded, he was layed up for at least a month, probably 2, and only got better because Ellie got him some antibiotics... Laura has no such time lapse or excuse
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    Poll: Is Not Dating a Certain Race Racist?

    Lets give the beneficent of the doubt and assume he's generalizing(not racist really.) Some Ethnicities are more prone to certain physical characteristics, which an individual may not find attractive. As long as things are taken by a case on case basis, generalizing and stereotyping, while...
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    GTA V - Amnesty condemns torture scene

    look at his post count and history, obvious troll is obvious
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    CRACKED: "6 Sexist Video Game Problems Even Bigger Than the Breasts"

    i'm gonna ad hoc a definition of deconstruction here, since the TV Tropes one doesn't really cover it. A Deconstruction is less an analysis followed by a subversion, and more a brutal critique of the inherent problems of the trope. A great deconstruction is Madoka magica(of magical girls) Its...
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    CRACKED: "6 Sexist Video Game Problems Even Bigger Than the Breasts"

    Maybe he should have said aversion, or that it plays with the trope. Anyway, a deconstruction is "When applied to tropes, or other aspects of fiction, deconstruction means to take apart a trope so as to better understand its meaning and relevance to us in Real Life" In this context, to say...
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    People playing games only to kill things

    While i agree with you, im just posting to tell you that I love the Saya avatar <3 admittedly, that many posts on twitter about various games and their lack(or non-lack) of wanton slaughter reeks of troll to me.
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    It's "that" Skyrim topic again...

    uhhh... they kinda want to destroy the world and become gods... thats kinda worse than nazis. Talos is one of the pillars holding the world together literally, so by weakening him they are literally destroying the world... so yeah, nazis
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    Heteronormaltivity in games

    I honestly think that the Tidus/Yuna thing is a bit forced, what with how the plot keeps coming up with reasons to shoehorn them together. I honestly thought Rikku had better chemistry with Tidus then Yuna. I dont see Yuna/Lulu though, Belts is too much a big sis for that.
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    Heteronormaltivity in games

    It was relevant to Dumbledore's background maybe, but not to the story of Harry Potter.. aka the important part, so the point stands. As for the idea that your advocating straight sexuality would be ignored, we hate shoehorned romance where it isn't needed, like someone else said, it becomes a...
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    A hypothetical question, especially for the atheists and skeptics in the audience...

    Now of course, I could argue that it is not oxygen we need, but some hithero unknown subatomic particle that is somehow created or drawn by the exact forces at work in an oxygen atom, its just that the idea that is is oxygen is what we know based on current knowledge. This is why in science...