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    Destiny Inspired by Dark Souls, Monster Hunter, Bungie Says

    I trust Bungie to make a quality FPS, particularly a non-Halo one. It seems to me they've been wanting to break out of that mould for quite some time. That they're taking on such an extensive project, and taking Dark Souls as inspiration no less, is nothing short of exciting. I am excited for a...
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    Great Stories that deserve Better Games

    When I say intended to die, I don't mean that you can't win, I mean that death still results in progression, rather than returning to a previous save state/ checkpoint. Like how in Kingdom Hearts, you can beat Leon when you fight him in Traverse Town, but even if you don't, the end result is...
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    Great Stories that deserve Better Games

    The combat is very hamhanded, but not particularly difficult; it probably just felt impossible because nothing really worked. The only way it plays out in any really organic way is if you're a mage. I tried going for a dual-swords rogue sort at first. Felt clunky and awful. Decided to start over...
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    Give Me Stuff to Draw, Please II

    This isn't exactly what you asked for, but hey, I'm not even exactly the guy you asked. You saying that just made me think of the DnD character depicted in this 4chan post [] and inspired me to draw him.
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    Your favorite Game Universe.

    I've always found the Zelda Universe to be rather interesting. Each game adds a new element to the lore, but it still all pieces together. A bit roughly at times, but hey. Of the Zelda games, Majora's Mask is my favourite universe, because it takes place in a different, well, universe. There are...
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    Superman and now Captain America. Why so much dislike for being "overpowered"?

    Your absurd is his fun. And there's still nothing condescending about it, because he didn't just point out the obvious as if we didn't know it--the crux of his posts wasn't "vibranium doesn't exist," it was "vibranium can't exist, and here's why," and then proceeded to explain. The difference...
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    Superman and now Captain America. Why so much dislike for being "overpowered"?

    I don't think he came off as condescending, and why would anybody need to believe Vibranium is real for this to be informative? If a biologist was here explaining why werewolves couldn't be real, you learning something is not contingent on you thinking that werewolves were real.
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    The most awful thing you've ever actually done to someone during online play

    I don't even kill NPCs in Bethesda games, never mind actually wanting to grief real people. The worst thing I ever did to anybody is suddenly having to leave, particularly in a team environment. Exiting a Halo match, turning off my console in the middle of Dark Souls co-op, etc., because...
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    Escapist "War" Stories

    I signed up like just before the whole Extra Credits thing happened. It was like dodgeball, only replace the dodgeballs with the word "pretentious." Then there was the whole "Zeel" thing. I wasn't part of that either, but it's almost hilarious how one guy caused a shitstorm so large that people...
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    Poll: Male Self-Image.

    More or less the same here, it's just that I made so much progress during the summer, I was this close. It got to the point where I could see them sometimes when I was doing cardio, just not otherwise. But then fall swung around, and now it's just getting colder and colder. I'm still pretty...
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    Poll: Male Self-Image.

    Basically this. Fucking human body, holding on to fat during the winter. I don't care if it's -3 degrees Fahrenheit outside at noon, I want my goddamn abs!
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    Are official 360 controllers just poor quality?

    The only problem I've had with 360 controllers are sticky analog sticks, which is rather uncommon, or frayed wires on wired controllers, which happens all the fucking time. Seriously, it's not like wired controllers are the vestiges of some ancient craftsmanship. We were using wires as...
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    Should a day of remembrance be used to sell games?

    They released Halo 4 on Election Day. I think people are pretty good at categorizing what the day means.
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    Music gaming has intrduced you to.

    I now know of a gentleman by the name of Ken Ashcorp because he made a joke song about Giantdads in Dark Souls.
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    Now THAT'S a Dragon Fight!!!

    Yeah, Kalameet's not that bad. A sturdy boss fight, to be sure, but hardest of the DLC? Artorias wrecked my shit more than Kalameet ever did, and I cut off Kalameet's tail with a Bandit's Knife. I think he was probably the easiest of the DLC.