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    So how is the gay marriage ruling going to impact you?

    It means I get to watch a whole bunch of gay people try to force their beliefs down religious folks fault by suing them when they won't marry them in their holy place and I get to laugh when both parties are offended, hurt and shouting because apparently being able to go to a registry...
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    Teacher Suspended For Homemade Cellphone Jammer

    The other points have been countered in this thread, but if a phone cannot get signal, it does not simply lose the message, it will receive the message when it gets back on the network.
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    "It's Not My Job to Do Your Research for You"

    If you can't prove it, you are wrong. If you can prove it and can't be bothered to, then you shouldn't be arguing. If you are doing that, you are the bigger asshole, regardless of whether you are right or wrong. Bluntly, back it up or fuck off.
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    PSA: Twitch May Have Been Hacked - Passwords Have Been Reset

    I really hate the current trend of trying to tell people to make passwords that aren't able to be remembered by anyone. Everyone will just end up using the same password and every site and it'll be worse off overall. Make your password a sentence and put a special symbol in, the vast...
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    Poll: "Benevolent Sexism"...Wait, what?!

    At this point anyone who calls me sexist/racist just gets a bunch of sexist/racist comments flown there way. If they want to claim i'm giving them a hard time then by jove i'll give them a bad time. Seems to work out well. They get to sit in their corner hating normal social interactions and...
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    Fill Out Your March Mayhem: Developers' Showdown Bracket Today

    I can't possibly think of who will win this year... Seriously, why bother holding this contest anymore? Its valve every time pretty much right?
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    Nvidia Faces Class Action Suit Over Under-performing GTX 970

    They're gaining ground actually, but they're in the infant stages. It'd be dumb to rely on them, but when they come about in the EU i'd expect that you couldn't sign away any chance of getting your money back.
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    Hasbro: We've Released "Plenty" of Female Star Wars: Rebels Toys - Update

    Yes people, a company is willingly choosing not to make money to spite you. Well done, you're all very smart. This is dumb as hell.
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    So Anita Sarkeesian and the ME3 ending are drowning in a whirlpool...

    Save the ME3 ending. That ending happened and we all got over it. Anita keeps squawking on and making sure none of us can get on with things. I liked being able to give my opinion on games without getting told to get out of the safe space.
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    Happy Valentine's Day! Celebrate With a Special Steam Co-op Sale

    I would suggest gauntlet, its pretty good fun. Kinda short though, me and my girlfriend spent out quiet day in playing and after five or so hours we were done with normal.
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    Ready For A Post Apocalypse? Cosplayers Might Have You Beat

    Style points. I doubt anyone is complaining.
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    Why are so many of you guys unemployed?

    Don't tell them that, more people on benefits who don't need to be on benefits isn't an idea solution.
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    Why do so many people in the "geek" community dislike sports?

    Because gamers are assholes and if someones talking about sports and they don't like sports, they will threadshit until it gets nuked so that other people can't enjoy sports.
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    Fallout Takes on Skyrim in Hilarious Fight to the Finish

    People were going on in the comments about "who would win" but honestly, dovahkin got shot in the chest with a rifle firing massive rounds. Should have just ended the video there. Would have been funny as hell if people were expecting the remaining minutes of the video to be a fight.
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    Meet The All-Female Ghostbusters Team

    Hilarious. You know this move was made for one type of person. I'll give you a hint, it usually looks like the one on the far right of the image. I can't wait until tumblr can't decide if this film is the greatest thing ever, striking down the "patriarchy" or "problematic" as hell. They...