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    Yes, Women in Dragon Age Could Use Longswords

    Vis-a-vis historians and dates: The records of the Punic Wars were written almost half a century after the Second Punic War, and yet we seem to take those more or less at face value.
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    GaymerX2 Convention Will Be the Last

    And the first comment on the Facebook comments list is someone complaining about how the gay community is a minority trying to tell everyone else how their games should be made. Stay classy, Escapist. Stay classy.
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    "Every New Game From Now On Must ___________" (fill in the blank)

    Every game from now on must include a mandatory dance-off. Every game from now on must have at least its single player component available offline.
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    Blasphemy! Covers that you like more than the original.

    B.B King's "The Thrill Is Gone." ...Yes, that was actually a cover. I'm also quite partial to Eric Clapton and B.B King's cover of "Riding With The King."
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    "Virgin shaming": I know we have a lot of "but what about men's problems?" people out there.

    People still bring up Freudian psychology in 2012? Look, guys, I don't mind bringing psychology up in an argument, but could you at least use a source that isn't 80+ years old? Freud's psychological theories are largely anachronistic today, especially when it comes to sex. All psychology...
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    The Escapist Battles Local Game Studio with Magic

    ...Is this some sort of doomsday plot to kill off the entire Escapist staff?
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    What is the black sheep of a franchise

    Mass Effect 2. This was the point in which BioWare adapted what I like to call the "Bethesda" approach to storytelling, which is to throw a lot of big numbers and "wtf" moments at the player hoping to keep them entertained without keeping them engaged and without any internal logic.
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    THQ Denies Cancelling 2014 Game Lineup

    Warhammer 40,000: Deathwatch. THQ could have my cash all day any day.
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    THQ Denies Cancelling 2014 Game Lineup

    ...I think a bit of my soul died when I saw the words "Dark Millennium" and "canned". Glad to see it may or may not see release.
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    The games you've played with strong thematic elements?

    ...Wow, that title sounds high-brow. Games with themes, I find, are actually rarer than you might think, I find. Amongst even the games that are considered to have good writing, it's very rare that you can find games that manage to pull off a consistent theme without them incessantly quoting...
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    Songs you have listened too hundreds of times, but don't get tired of.

    Just about any of Eric Clapton's more popular tunes (and some of his less popular, though there's a reason why the popular ones are such) I've listened through. The man is a textbook example of how you can make amazing-sounding music just by using your ear and an array of simple scales just by...
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    What does the world have against America?

    If there was one thing about America that I had to point out as being my major "issue" with the country, it's the fact that America is a terrible role model for how to rule a country. Besides having the largest lobbyist culture in the entire world (Lamar Smith, the writer of the SOPA bill...
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    Covers Which You Prefer to Originals

    ...HERESY! That being said, my own personal favorite "cover that's better than the original" is B.B King's "The Thril is Gone" (no, that wasn't actually written by him). Another really spectacular one is Eric Clapton's Crossroads, technically a Robert Johnson cover, although the difference in...
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    BioWare: Mass Effect 3 Combat Perfected

    That's fine, so long as they fire the butt monkies who worked on ME2's main story and replace them with writers who didn't go to the Michael Bay school of writing endings. If I have to see one more shooter ending in a mindless explosion fest followed by a Bond villain taunt, I swear my head is...
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    Editor's Note: Abracadabra

    And in a few years' time we'll see issue 600. Just keep up the good work, and I'm sure your readership will only keep going up. I joined the Escapist relatively late myself, and didn't have much appreciation for the weekly issue until I discovered the treasure trove of reading and debating...