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    Fox Says Wolverine 3 Will Have an R-Rating

    Was the second Wolverine film changed for the DVD release? It had some pretty brutal stuff in there (multiple stabbings, blood, Hugh's ass). I'd be surprised to see most of that stuff in a PG movie.
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    Poll: The Harem Thread

    Have you watched School Days Mr Storm?
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    Poll: The Harem Thread

    Good lord no, that sounds like way too much work. Call me old fashioned but I'd much rather have just the one partner for love and sexytimes.
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    Why do you still come to the Escapist forums?

    Awesome! I can't wait to see him in action :)
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    Why do you still come to the Escapist forums?

    Pro tip, pissing off the new community manager is probably not a good way to get the site to change for the better. I also do not approve of my comment being used in such an aggressive attack on someone who from my initial impressions, seems like a pretty good bloke.
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    Poll: Does this guy's body look like a woman's?

    He got the booty.
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    Thinking outloud about the direction of FF combat

    Uhuh okay have fun over there with your action games. I'll go back to replaying Persona 3 now and having a blast. Or maybe I should play some more XCOM, that game is fantastic...
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    Thinking outloud about the direction of FF combat

    Man you are so invested in this! Did a turn based game run over your hamster or something? It's okay, you can tell me and I'll understand :) Also you can't pause every action game. Dark Souls and Final Fantasy XIV are two of my favourite action titles (FFXIV is an action MMO), and you...
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    Thinking outloud about the direction of FF combat

    I like action based combat (eg Dark Souls, DMC). I like turn based combat (Persona 3&4, XCOM:EU). I like hybrids of the two (FF XIII). There's room in this world for both and sometimes I would prefer to play a game where I can sit back and plan my strategy one step at a time. You can't do that...
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    Why do you still come to the Escapist forums?

    Mostly cuz I still have friends here. I am far, far less active here than I was in the past, I lost interest in pretty much all the content around here over 2015. I've been hanging around a bit more the last few weeks or so but if I didn't have people I like to talk to on this site I'd be long...
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    No Dual Audio For Western Release of Fire Emblem Fates

    Eh that sucks for those who would prefer to play with the Japanese audio. Personally I'm fine with the English which is how I played Awakening, but I feel for those who wanted the option.
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    Is anybody else here just not interested in modern gaming?

    Sorry what did you say? It's hard to hear you over the squelching of bullets riddling alien corpses :D
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    Cheesy video game quotes you like.

    Mutton! Fresh Mutton! This line comes up so much in one particular game it's engraved into my brain. Cookie for whoever recognizes it. I see Devil May Cry has been mentioned already but I feel the latest reboot deserves credit as well. Wonderful stuff!
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    The REALLY Wild Wasteland. (The Fallout RP!)

    The Really Wild Wastelands | Charlie Cannon If someone was abducted by potato-like alien beings, you would generally expect that to be the strangest thing to happen to them on that day. Unfortunately for Charlie that was not the case, with the weirdest conversation he'd ever seen taking place...
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    Serial Killer Game 74: BETRAYAL AT THE CONSORTIA OF EVIL INTENT- Turn Six, Hero Step ( Death Post)

    My bad guys, was meant to do a death post but stuff happened and it didn't happen. Avenge me! EDIT: I was an infiltrator btw.