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    Your last words?

    I'm surprised I'm the first to say this, but my last words would be 'clever girl'
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    Guy Owns Every PS2 Game

    a collection of every single citadel miniature ever made, expertly painted by someone like Mike McVey
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    How important is High-Definition to you?

    CRT TV all the way for me. I like scanlines. I have a 32 inch trinitron and it displays 360 via RGB 480i as good as I need 360 games to look. And low res stuff looks good, unlike on an LCD
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    Looking for a minecraft server

    I played on for a while, you can pay ?10 to skip the queue, and it's one of the more lively Survival servers, with economy and character classes. Also, City Craft is quite good, has 2 servers:
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    Is the Legend of Zelda a... JRPG?

    pro JPRG: it's Japanese You role-play as an elf/kid you collect items it's story heavy it's long it has an in game menu with inventory it has towns and dungeons anti JRPG: real time combat, based on timing not probability (someone will correct me and say both are involved, no...
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    Poll: Shooters are becoming mainstream, not video games.

    I'm not saying this doesn't happen. What I'm saying is that people who negatively stereotype gamers aren't thinking about the type of games being played. I'm disagreeing with the original poster by saying that the type of game has nothing to do with being looked down upon. I've heard people say...
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    Poll: Shooters are becoming mainstream, not video games.

    Is what you are saying this: if one plays shooting games or sports games one will be considered normal by society, and if one plays other types of videogames one will be regarded as a weirdo? If that's what you're saying I think it's patent nonsense. If some people think of people who play...
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    Retro-Colored Glasses

    This is a great article. I'd like to see more of Kyle Orland's writing on the Escapist and will look out for it. It kind of got me wondering if in 20 years' time someone will write a similar article about the Playstation 2.
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    Catherine Demo

    Because some games just suit consoles, puzzle platformers in particular. And because console players need something to be elitist about too. Atlus is that thing. OP: seriously, check out Odin Sphere. I'll let someone else tell you to play Persona 3 and 4.
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    Question for hardcore Doctor Who fans

    This, this is it. Smith is good example of how the Doctor should be played. Tennant's doctor was a bit wrong, often quite badly written, and, in his first series, seriously annoying, with the constant gurning and what have you.
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    So...The Orange Box...

    Amazon is not the place to buy it from. My advice: if it's not a book, don't buy it from amazon. there, much more reasonable
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    I'm looking to start to get into post-rock, but I have no idea where to start.

    You could also try Godspeed You! Black Emperor
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    Who is the worst Final Fantasy character ever?

    I never liked Wakka. I just didn't. He's my least favourite. I didn't like Barret for basically just being a copy of Mr T. That's who Barret was. I like all of the whiny main characters. It's kind of the point of them to be whiny so it makes it easier for us to notice them finding themselves...
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    LulzSec discloses 62,000 email and password combinations.

    I've been following this on Twitter for the soap opera element, I guess, and the more I see of Lulzsec, the less I am impressed. Sure, I don't know how to do SQL injection attacks. But I have had sex with an other human being, which I am fairly certain is something he hasn't.
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    Question pertaining to the next gen consoles

    I'd like to see games go back to cartridges. Seriously. With 16 GB flash cards costing around £15 now, it could be more expensive, yes, but just think of how beautiful the minimal loading times would be.