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    The most useless knowledge you possess

    π=3.1415926535897932(ish) from memory.
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    I'm an American, how can I get my hands on British chocolate?

    If you're going to order from that list then I recommend Galaxy bars. Smoothest chocolate ever.
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    Loading Ready Run leaving the Escapist

    So when can we expect all these wonderful new contributors to show up? It's starting to look a little thin around here.
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    Aliens give you a starship...

    This is the part where it starts to get interesting. How do you respond to that? (given you have the ability to rain down orbital death, but not necessarily to trace a specific person) How do you devise countermeasures to that happening and what does it turn you into? My own answer to the...
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    Vacation tips for England

    Woo! Another Escapist in Cambridge! I'd second the recommendation for Cambridge, we're about 45 minutes from King's Cross (although the train station is about a mile from the historic centre) which makes us a fairly popular tourist destination for good reason (most of our city centre is at...
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    Aliens give you a starship...

    Hello! OP here, sorry for the radio silence, life happened. There been a few requests for clarification so I figured I'd pipe up. The thing I like about this scenario is the more I think about it the more problems and possibilities crop up, but they do depend on a few finer details. I think you...
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    Aliens give you a starship...

    There's been a scenario which has been bobbling around my head for a while and I thought I'd share it with my fellow Escapists to see what they'd do with it: One day you are abducted by Aliens and given a starship. The aliens have their own reasons for this, they may or may not explain them...
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    How Did You Find Your Significant Other?

    At a meeting of Cambridge University Worshipers of Cthulhu, and then we hooked up through the Tolkien Society.
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    So, Shadowrun Hong Kong

    Personally I want the wonderful run-down used future setting we saw in Dragonfall along with Shadowrun's usual mix of re-imagined mysticism, socioeconomic discourse and occasional ultraviolence.
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    So, I have 1 litre of Bacardi, any suggestions of what to put with it?

    Pineapple juice or ginger beer works well.
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    Can Susan come back to The Escapist now?

    Susan was awesome on the podcast and the site, I really enjoyed the editorial direction she pushed the site in. It would be great if she could come back in some capacity.
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    Feed Dump: Foxy Mating Habits

    Uh Guys? What's a meat chub?
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    Shadowrun Hong Kong Kickstarter Launched

    Given the way it's been slowly climbing and the potential for a last-minute surge I wouldn't be surprised if it broke $1Mil. I'm looking forward to those $700k+ stretch goals being revealed.
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    A Defense of Thorin's Claim on the Treasure of Erebor

    Ah that classic chapter The Adjudication Of The Five Armies. I remember it well.