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    A Quiet Place

    Loved it. Thankfully had a good audience that was silent for the whole thing besides the odd cough. Re-watched it at home a few months later and it still managed to feel nearly as tense as it did the first time. Thought all the actors delivered great performances. There's plenty to nitpick about...
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    Things you never grew up with.

    As a kid I gamed mostly on PC and when I got a console it was a PlayStation 1 before I jumped onto the 360 when that generation started. I didn't get a PS2 until my late teens so I never really grew up with any of the best known names of that era. A bit of a shame since I imagine I would've...
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    Bad parts in great games.

    I love "Silent Hill 3". I do not love wandering through random warehouse buildings and a sewer that pad the game out and nearly kill the pace.
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    Anyone else notice all the ZP videos have been replaced?

    I felt a profound melancholy seeing that old advert and I didn't even watch half the shows it presented. I imagine that issue will be fixed soon since ZP is the site's main draw.
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    Projects that fizzled out that you really wish hadn't.

    Epic Games' original version of "Gears of War 4". While I am happy with what The Coalition eventually put out, I can't help but feel like it was more a nostalgia trip celebrating the series that had came before rather than an actual beginning to a new trilogy. Epic Games had gotten as far as to...
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    Poll: Black Ops 4 will not have a single-player campaign

    Mixed feelings. "Black Ops III"'s campaign was a trainwreck and the multiplayer suffered from a severe lack of direction and emphasis on cosmetic stuff like those damn taunts which killed the pacing. Without a campaign hopefully more time and money can go into the multiplayer and especially...
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    Poll: Best Zombie game ever, no matter the genre?

    Since "Dead Rising" is an option I'll say "Dead Rising 2". The great middle ground between the original's design and tone and the latter game's accessibility. It's an absolute joy.
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    This year's Call of Duty will be a Black Ops 4 and will be Boots on the Ground "Modern Times".

    Considering how badly Treyarch shit the bed with "Black Ops III"'s campaign and both the zombies and multiplayer lost me much faster than any of their other offerings, I don't even think the fact we're getting another Treyarch game can get me interested in this series anymore. But at the...
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    Will Game of Thrones' finale suffer the same fate as Mass Effect 3's ending?

    I'm not expecting the TV series ending to be any good, but I also don't think it's going to trigger the same level of hatred "Mass Effect 3" did. There'll be outrage regardless of what they do because the writing will be terrible, but so long as it's at least partially set up and doesn't come...
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    Poll: Best Call of Duty Campaign? (Limited to my specific list of games though)

    Difficult to choose between "World at War" and "Black Ops II" for me. I adore the atmosphere and most of the missions of the former but also really enjoy the cheesy delight that is Raul Menendez, the divergent story/gameplay options and multiple little great moments of the latter. I have a...
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    Games you never get tired of

    Well, seeing as I'm pretty sure I haven't gone more than a few days without playing at least a few missions, music levels or a few challenges on "Rayman Legends" for past three or four years, that it is probably the game I never get tired of. It's the game that is played alongside and between...
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    Poll: Battlefront 2. You getting it?

    I was put off enough to not want to buy the first game at the time and by most accounts the second one isn't really improving matters in either a gameplay or business side of things so I think I'll pass.
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    Is your favourite game from your favourite series?

    My favourite game is the first "Far Cry" game. Never really got into any of the proceeding games and didn't even try the fourth one so my answer to the title is no. I find that with series I love, it's hard to definitively declare any one game as the favourite of the bunch. Thankfully, I...
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    What game series means the most to you emotionally?

    The impact the "Halo" series has on my life when it comes to gaming is probably even larger than I think. It's a big reason why I care about video game stories. "Halo 3" was probably the first multiplayer game I played extensively. The series is a large part of why I got into internet...
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    Poll: Do you prefer First Person View or Third Person View or both

    As a general rule, third person as I like being able to see what's around you and seeing your character. It does depend on the game itself, too. I prefer shooters to be first person than third typically.