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    Poll: Would You Push The Button? (Moral Dilemma)

    Will someone in my extended family die extendedly?
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    What's the most boring book you've ever read?

    Sense and Sensibility is the most boring book I ever read...or attempted to do. I can't remember much of it, and thankfully, the only section I recalled it was part of the exam. The novel was flooded with conversation - barely anything *happened.* I did enjoy the first hundred pages of...
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    Dying Light Gameplay Debut Fights Zombies With Parkour

    The whole throwing-a-hammer-makes-a-drum explode, at 7:54, ruined my immersion. :\
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    Gaming Dads, Help Me Please

    As background, I met my wife at 18. We started dating at 19. We were married at 26. I turned 32 just a few weeks after my son - a three and a half month old - was born. My gaming life is completely borked. Honestly, I don't miss gaming as much as I thought I would. I deeply wanted to be...
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    I need a new boardgame!

    I used to love Risk, but it can take ages to resolve and often ends in bitterness. On the other hand, Risk Legacy has victory options that let the competition go on without having to be a dick to your friends. Also, you get to customize the board when you win! I'll second Small World. It...
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    Not wanting to go to Prom

    If you think there is a reasonable chance of having fun, go for it. You only get one shot to go to "your" prom. My prom was my first date. I had a blast with my friends, and my date went so well that we started a relationship that lasted the whole summer.
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    Why do people just ignore road rules?

    I find that when people drive in a vehicle, they tend to forget that those other cars actually contain people. They just seem to forget that other humans are there and putting others in risk by your actions seems to be missing from their thought process. I must also say that some traffic...
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    Poll: Police State USA: Boston Area Raids

    Shit, I didn't get that memo. I was about to post a response filled with hatred, flaming any who dare read it, but it's so damn nice outside...
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    Poll: Police State USA: Boston Area Raids

    Suit yourself. I've lived most of my life in United States, but my wife and I have lived in England, Denmark, and Argentina. All told, you need to go to a place and live there to be even a small judge of that nation. Incorrect. Law enforcement needs a warrant in most circumstances. I'll...
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    Poll: Guys. Do you have any tattoos?

    I wonder if this [] will work.
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    Poll: Masturbation and you.

    1. Make 2. I haven't since before Christmas. 3. I'm married with a son due next month. 4. I tended to masturbate about as much when I was single. I have a fairly high sex drive, so I tend to "outpace" my wife in terms of desire; however, I haven't masturbated in over a month since my wife's...
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    Poll: Your child is born without a brain. Would you raise it regardless?

    As a bit of background, I am expecting my first child to be born in March. I've been to a few of my wife's medical visits, and I was there for both ultrasounds. The technicians and doctors there have taken steps to scan for such abnormalities in our fetus, and if my unborn child had a...
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    The Political Compass test!

    I'm another "greenie." Economic Left/Right: -4.50 Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -4.92 Nearly all US politicians would be considered on the right side of that scale, with the exception of Jill Stein.
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    Poll: Your view on parents spanking their children?

    My first child will be born next March. I reserve the right to spank the child to negatively train it (won't know the gender until October). If my child bolts toward a road filled with cars, it will be summarily spanked. I can't reason with a child as to why it is dangerous to take such...
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    All Men Cheat

    What do you think of her opinion? Do you agree with it? Are you insulted by it or are you a living example of it? Her conclusion upon men's behavior is ridiculous. It makes as much sense as someone running around robbing stores, and then proclaiming that all people will commit crimes. As...