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    Batman: Arkham City reviews are out

    I'm going to wait a bit until, like the Assassin's Creed and Mortal Combat collector's editions, this one is going for 20$ off with 5 copies left on shelves in 3 months.
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    Poll: Do you think this is sexist?

    It's not sexist, but it is a bit unnecessary.
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    Do you care about lore?

    Warcraft lore is some of the best video game lore ever created. Seriously, it's amazing the story these men have told.
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    Poll: what platform are you getting Deus Ex Human Revolution?

    360 because my PC sucks and I don't really have any games for my new 360.
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    Poll: Best fighting game franchise?

    The Dragon Ball Z Budokai games were all awesome. Each one added a bunch of new characters and the art style and the non-fighting sections between the gameplay were all different and interesting (2 had the board game, 3 had an open world you could fly around). All of the iconic moves were...
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    Poll: Which Harry Potter death affected you most? [SPOILERS FOR ALL 7 BOOKS/MOVIES]

    Fred. His death hardly impacted me in the movie, but it was a great part of the book. Especially because Percy was there, I think that's what did it for me.
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    Poll: Gears of War 3 and you.

    Haven't gotten around to playing the Gears of War games yet. Will do...eventually.
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    What features/options should all games have?

    I would hate that. Only in flight simulators and in some turret sections.
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    Epic WOW moments...

    When the Black War Bear first came out (or maybe a little bit before, I think it was just after), my guild decided to raid Stormwind. It was the first HUGE enemy capital raid that I've seen on my server (and I've been playing since the beginning of BC). We crashed the server when we went to kill...
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    Why are people freaking out over the "Always Online" aspect of Diablo 3?

    Blizzard is also using this to make sure that nobody pirates the game. If the game is always online, then they can find out if you are playing a pirated copy.
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    Why are people freaking out over the "Always Online" aspect of Diablo 3?

    Because then people would be mad that they did it on accident without realizing it and Blizzard would have to tell them they couldn't do anything.
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    Where can I see my Games for Windows Live games now that they merged the accounts?

    So I bought Age of Empires III a while ago when it was going for 10 cents and I wanted to download it on my laptop but I can't figure out where I download it from.
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    Poll: Would TV shows be better without the laugh-track?

    The Big Bang Theory has the WORST laugh track EVER.
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    Poll: Diablo 3: Will you buy it?

    None of Blizzard's recent decisions are going to impact my choice. If I want to buy it, I will buy it. I'm not sure if I will at the moment. I trust Blizzard, as I have for years.
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    Poll: You must choose

    Honestly, it depends which people will be dying. That sounds awful, but some civilizations are more important than others.