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    Jimquisition: Ubisoft Talks Bollocks About Framerate And Resolution

    Oh, Ubi, Ubi... When will you stop getting flogged?
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    The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Going 16-Bit in Fan Remake

    Okay, roll up, roll up! Place your bets here! How long do YOU think it'll last until Nintendo shuts it down? If you're right you might even win a nice pair of used pantaloons!
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    Zero Punctuation: D4: Dark Dreams Don't Die

    Oh god... The D's! It's like being in a stripclub! A Ferrari cake!
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    Jimquisition: It's Not A Video Game!

    Yes. Sadly, Beyond: Two Souls is a videogame. I hate the attitude that videogames need to have minimalistic gameplay. It just misses the point of an interactive medium and all of the possiblilities it encompasses. I do find The Stanley Parable to be a small step in the right direction, because...
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    The Treadmill

    *sigh* It's funny because game reviews have devolved into a system that avoids giving anything triple A a score lower than 8. Probably out fear of the fans (I hope so, the other option is that they're afraid of hurting the developers feelings). In the end you have a scoring method that's not...
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    The Treadmill

    Why the fuck did anyone expect except mediocrity? It's by Bungie, the patron saints of blandness. its funneh cos its liek videogam jornos like to eyaculate tens amirite bro
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    What is the harm of social justice journalism?

    I don't think it's bad, mainly because I don't really read games journalism. Besides, pushing an agenda in journalism isn't what Fox News does?
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    Should Every Game Allow You to Choose Your Gender?

    Holy shit! Yahtzee just wrote an entire article on what I've been saying ever since this shitstorm was concieved? I'm flattered. Seriously, what's the point of bringing out the issue of gender if it isn't even an issue in the game? I frankly don't see the practical difference between, say, a...
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    Is Half life/Deus Ex have better legacy than Mario/Zelda?

    We could later use this thread to export Escapist brand salt. Although I think Half-life made a bigger impact since it influenced all this cinematic-style experience for shooters, while Halo popularized it (sadly).
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    "That guy" in online games

    Those people made me quit playing TF2 in the first place. I guess most of them came when it went F2P, which was when the general dumbfuckery went through the fucking roof. Most servers then were filled to the brim with assholes that scream into mics and endlessly quote memes to the point of...
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    How about a music thread? Music that gives you the feels.

    Well, for relaxing I ussually listen to this: For singing along, and the feels: For Brutal Doom:
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    The Comic

    Hopefully The Darkness will feature Mike Patton.
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    Poll: Which Upcoming FPS will be best?

    Well, I haven't played any of them since they are to be released [/pedantic]. BUT, I am hyped for Doom. I really, REALLY hope it takes after Brutal Doom. Just a fast-paced, fun, gory and cut-throat shooter with great graphics.
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    Let's talk about the games that don't use mysogynistic, transphobic or racist tropes.

    I sometimes get the feeling that people make this threads just to get a popular thread. I find Terraria to be pretty inclusive. You can make your character both male and female, you can choose pretty much every skin colour possible (unless you want your skin colour to be Ultra Violet or...