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    Jimquisition: Monster Boobs And Plastic Children

    I wanted to write this earlier when i watched this episode, but i didn't have time. I simply don't agree with you Jim. I don't see the problem here. Let me elaborate a bit. At the start you stated that you have no problem with fetishes and after that you contradicted yourself by saying that...
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    Escapist Expo: Fanboyism

    Ok, a lot of people have this disorder. I understand that. It may not be polite to use that word lightly. But understand that when i use that word in this contex i don't even think about real autism. I think about mechanism that is very common in kids autism where kid delves into fantasy world...
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    Escapist Expo: Fanboyism

    Then I agree with you. And about word autistic. I used it here because in that contex it doesn't convey it's actual meaning, it's just a buzz world here. You may find it offensive, but so is word idiot etc. Here we all know that what i meant was that those people delve into their fan-created...
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    Escapist Expo: Fanboyism

    I think it was supposed to be a joke? But it sounded terrible, I cringed when I heard that and I like mlp. Thank Jim they were classy enough to ignore that shout. I don't think mlp has a worst fanbase. I can agree on the worst and most autistic fanboys, but fandom? No, there is just too much...
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    Escapist Expo: Q&A With The Escapists Day 2

    Graham Stark, thank you for balon animals and that you started gangam style. That was amazing. Overall very good video, glad i watched it.
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    The Big Picture: Tropes vs. MovieBob

    I don't support her project at all. I think the topic is worth exploring, but after i watched videos on her channel i wish someone else would have done it instead. Even my female friend who has similar worldview as hers agreed that her presentation is vey poor (presentation, not production...
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    Jimquisition: Mass Effect 3 And The Case For A Gay Shepard

    Nice episode. TBH i never had problems with gay romances in Mass Effect. I agree that this is an option and if someone is not into it he shouldn't even be exposed to that and people who like it should have it. But... The way dragon age 2 did it was very bad. I tell you why: - all characters...
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    Why do publishers still bother with DRM?

    I wouldn't go as far as that. The people who make games are mostly ok. The shareholders are greedy morons. Anyhow this trend to strip us from our rights is because gaming is still new in our culture and a lot of people don't know anything about it. So big comapnies target morons and get their...
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    Trailers: Sims 3: Pets Trailer

    This one actually looks good... strange... I hope there will be Ponies, Unicorn ponies and Pegas ponies. And i hope you could play as one.
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    Jimquisition: BOYCOTT!

    Hmmm... Good episode Jim, you made a big step from your first videos here. Keep up the good work.
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    Microsoft Denies Core Gamers Hated Kinect Kinetic is not for core games...
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    Analyst Calls The Old Republic a "WoW Clone"

    God how i hate that statement. Western MMO genre is in big stagnation and some people think that's the way that it should be. Are you blind? Before WoW the MMOrpg had a lot of variation. MUonline (diablo clone), Ragnarok Online (the best game in the world), Ultima etc. ... After the WoW succes...
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    Zero Punctuation: The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings

    So you asked about one 100% review... And they gave it to you. But now you think that those reviews were poor and pocketed... You know what? Get the hell out here because i don't even know what your point is. You dared them and they delivered, lose like a man. BTW almost any 100% review is bs...
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    Zero Punctuation: The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings

    I don't care about platforms ;P. I love to put Soul Calibur IV and play with some friends until my hands are sore. Burnout 3 or God of War. Consoles have great games which i would like to see on PC (exclusives are bad). The thing between those is... Pc is much more indie friendly since almost...