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    Poll: Do you like captain America?

    I never used to like Captain America. I saw him as an overly patriotic, militaristic cultural-imperialist. A guy who'd impress his own ideals on others because America! Though, admittedly, I had never read any of his stories. Then the Civil War storyline happened. I loved his part in that...
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    The Drink You Could Not Live Without

    That's easy to answer. For hot drinks, its tea. I can't start a day without a cup of that stuff... and a subsequent four cups dotted through out the day. Its my fuel. For cold drinks, Dr. Pepper. I drink it far too often. If it was possible to have it hooked right into my veins, I would...
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    If you could choose any name, who would you be right now?

    Huh. Well, when you put it like that, makes me feel a little silly for typing it in the first place. & I'm the same when it comes to future children; couple of names lined up for daughters... possibly my own middle name for a son, keeping with family tradition. But other than that, I got...
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    If you could choose any name, who would you be right now?

    Even though my full first name (Jonathan) is a bit too long for my liking, I quite like it now. Didn't use to, mind. But I'm that used to being called Jon, Jonny or anything beginning with J, I don't mind it that much any more. So I'd probably just stick with my own name. Though, I do quite...
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    Getting your hair cut.

    I'm not a particular fan of getting my hair cut, to be honest. Though after having let my hair grow through that phase in my teens, I don't like having long hair either. So I tend to leave it a similar length nowadays; its that length that strikes the balance between being warm and being easy to...
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    Self Harm and You

    So, stats first: Male, 23, Straight...ish. I have done so a few times, though these times were a good few years ago. None of the instances were particularly deep, more scratches really, so they healed really quickly. I think I did it because I was having a difficult time fitting in when I...
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    Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen Soundtrack Released on iTunes

    Shame I don't have iTunes. I love the soundtracks to the old games. I wonder whether it'll come out on other platforms, 'cos I'd be all over this if so... *sigh*
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    Do you take compliments well?

    No, I don't tend to take compliments too well. I do like getting them, it's just that I'm never really sure how to respond to them. I guess it's because it tends to catch me unawares, so I stammer a hasty response of "Oh, thanks", or something similiar. Criticism, on the other hand, I can...
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    Poll: Have random people ever asked you to cheer up?

    Yeah, that's happened to me once or twice, most memorably at my job a few months back. I was at the entrance, checking that everyone going in had paid. But I'd got a certain person on my mind, and I was mulling the situation over in the quieter moments. I thought I'd got a neutral expression on...
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    You have become the main character in the last game that you played.

    So I'd be Kat from Gravity Rush? Y'know, I'm okay with that. She's got the ability to fly by shifting gravity... Totally worth the gender-change, I'd say.
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    I propose we form an unoffical Escapist Crew for GTA: Online, who's in?

    Sure, sounds like it could be fun. JLH50 on the PS3.
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    your parents surprising reactions to videogames

    I was surprised by how into the original Sonic the Hedgehog my dad got back in the day. I'd use to play it, and he'd be there trying to give me advice. Of course, being about 6 years old at the time, I didn't listen... Turns out I should have. I found out recently that, once I was in bed, he'd...
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    Poll: How much do you worry?

    I'm one of those that over-analyses everything and, due to that, it can lead to me worrying about a multitude of different things. Even things that I can't do a thing about still manage to set me a-worrying. So yeah, I worry a lot of the time. Though, I'm not as bad at doing that than I used to...
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    Poll: Do you listen to metal?

    Oh yes, I listen to metal in many of its forms. Recently been getting into Grindcore bands such as Cephalic Carnage and Napalm Death. I've also been a fan of Death Metal for a long time, older bands like Cannibal Corpse (with Chris Barnes as vocalist, at least) and newer bands such as Brain...
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    Poll: The glories of Ice cream

    I know it's already been said before, but Superman flavour? And that's a simple question that's suprisingly difficult to answer. I mean, Chocolate seems like the only choice... but the more you think about it, the more flavours you think of. There's Strawberry, Cookie Dough, Red Bull and...