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    Electromagnetic Fields Offer Next Big Controller Gimmick

    You combine this with contact lens augmented reality and the whole world becomes the internet!
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    Poll: Weed - Legal or Illegal?

    This is actually the best argument you could make for legalization. If it was legal, cartels and gangs would have no reason to kill people over it. Not to mention the scores of lives ruined by having to go to jail due to a drug that is far weaker than most things our doctor's prescribe to...
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    Portal 2 ARG Unleashes Flood of Concept Art

    the box art could have been so awesome. another waste of a box in the video game world...
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    Portal 2 ARG Unleashes Flood of Concept Art

    i heard its so we wouldn't have to watch humans get cut apart by lasers and crushed. better for the rating this way.
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    Aperture Requests Funding for Portal 2 Long Fall Boot

    "we're done here." no, please, i need more jk simmons.
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    BioShock Creator Compares Videogame Sex to Naked Puppets

    Yeah, you know, I gotta say I'm a little surprised that it seems like the one game that is upfront about its sexual content is Duke Nukem. Are we are more comfortable with it when its presented in a misogynistic fashion? Maybe not a terribly good example as that game can probably be considered...
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    Rumor: Leaked Concept Art Hints at New Valve IP

    yes, i feel you. also, hilarious.
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    Rumor: Leaked Concept Art Hints at New Valve IP

    All those last dudes looked like the owl from watchmen when he's wearing his snowsuit in the comic. Always thought that looked really cheeky.
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    Rumor: Mortal Kombat Reboot Locking Multiplayer Behind Online Pass

    This is why this sucks: after a game has come out and depreciated in value, the publisher is trying to pass the loss in revenue to the consumer. This only happens with digital media because it is so easy to charge someone for use. This would never happen in any other medium. You want to buy a...
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    299: Destined for Middle Earth

    That's exactly what I was thinking. Maybe after grad school I can randomly apply to a job posting without any professional experience and get hired too...
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    Escape to the Movies: Sucker Punch

    I appreciate the review in that it's probably taking a side that most movie critics aren't. In that, Movie Bob is probably the only critic who's a fan of Zack Snyder. For, whatever reason, I'm not sure but this is clearly influencing his view. Which is, that this is fanboy porn that is visionary...
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    Superman Director Says New Movie Won't Be a Retread of the Past

    A lot of Nolan hate on the thread, but none for Mr. Snyder? I'm quite surprised.
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    Ubisoft Probes Interest in Assassin's Creed and Ghost Recon Film Adaptations

    AC would def make the better movie. First, don't include desmond, the animus or anything about the modern plot. Tell the story of Ezio taking on the Borgia (an amalgam of the 2nd and 3rd games) and then make it bad ass as hell.