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    Metal Gear Solid V Will be The Last MGS, For Real This Time, Says Kojima

    If he means the map size like I've understood, that would be only about 14 times 14 the map of Ground Zeroes, which I think isn't that unheard of in open world games.
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    Uncivil War: Quake - Speed Run Finale!

    Whoever loses, we win. Shit this was tense. I hope we get to see Jim's reaction to the poem, if not with the actual video then at least on his youtube channel *wink wink*.
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    South Park Takes On Free-to-Play Games in Freemium Isn't Free

    To me this video underlines perfectly how South Park has turned for the worse, now they just have the characters do presentations about what the show is making fun of instead of actual jokes and narrative. Putting on a silly face and voice and going "Herpdy derp, I'm *insert name or...
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    Why Mr. X is Resident Evil at Its Finest (And Why Nemesis Kind of Sucks)

    Unfortunately Mr. X is completely beatable even with a handgun with maybe the exception of the the smaller areas where you encounter him. He was badass in Resident Evil Outbreak File 2, though. What was cool was that he was on your side the first time you see him, so you just watch him wreck...
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    Poll: Game Difficulty and Reviews

    Wait, what? If you pick a difficulty setting that's too hard for your skill level it's the developers fault? This argument seems to always pop up when discussing difficulty levels, and it strikes me as slight laziness on the player's part. The idea that "Normal" (stupid way to call a...
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    Disney Favorites Become Warrior Princesses in Stunning Fan Art

    Hate to say it but I'm getting kind of the same vibes. And like someone else said, a lot of these aren't even recognizable. And just what in the hell is with that Queen of Hearts? The Disney original has some great features to have her pose as a seriously intimidating warrior.
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    Miles Morales, Spider-Girl, Spider-Ham & More in Ultimate Spider-Man Season 3

    Spectacular Spider-Man or gtfo. I was a huge Spider-Man fan as a kid watching the 90s animated series, and after rewatching it few years ago and realizing that it really doesn't hold up, Spectacular Spider-Man picked me right up and made me a fan again. That series was only thing Spider-Man...
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    Metal Gear Remake Greenlighted By Konami - Will be Free

    Nope, it's form the first Metal Gear. And I'd be almost bummed out if Hayter would do Snake, I have zero faith he could do young Snake well, and I got pretty tired of him with MGS4 and Peace Walker. I'm saving my judgement till the game is playable, I'd honestly have way more faith if they'd...
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    Games where your first entry was a remake

    Though it was just a graphical upgrade so I'm not sure if it counts, the very first game I owned was Super Mario All-Stars. Despite playing an occasional NES game with 3DS or an emulator, I just can't play more than a few levels of the original 3 Super Mario Bros. games after being spoiled by...
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    What order to play MGS series in?

    I've heard Kojima isn't that interested in the games in the series he hasn't been involved with, which is a shame because both Metal Gear Solid on GameBoyColor and Portable Ops on PSP had really interesting stories. Especially Portable Ops, while the gameplay was just as boring as MGS4 and Peace...
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    What order to play MGS series in?

    Play them in the release order. Or if you just want to quickly prepare for Phantom Pain, play the Big Boss storyline. Big Boss/Cold War: MGS3, Peace Walker, Ground Zeroes, Phantom Pain And the NES games are a butchered port followed by a sequel that's not canon. The real originals on the...
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    Mechanics you'd like to see

    I've had this idea of a stupid cartoony brawler (basic gameplay in the vein of God of War) where you'd fight robots, and the gimmick of the game would be that you tear apart your enemies when they're low on health and weaponize and combine their parts on the fly. For example, rip one enemy's...
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    Zero Punctuation: Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes - $40 Demo

    As a long time lurker I've noticed ZP's comment pages usually have at least few posts like that. I just can't imagine why... I really hope they've fixed the sneaking like Yahtzee implied, MGS3 is one of my favourite games of all time but the gameplay in MGS4 and Peace Walker bored me to...
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    Zero Punctuation: Dark Souls

    I hate to be this person, but in my opinion the error was on your gameplay. You already knew there were 2 alternate routes, maybe try looking around for third when you can hardly damage the enemies you encounter? Somehow the completely hidden path was the first one I took, it was after all the...
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    Any 2nd person games

    In Siren -series the big gimmick of the games is that you can see through the eyes of your enemies or other characters. There's a pretty clever mission in Siren 2 (never released in America) where you're playing with a character who has a very poor eyesight, so if you want to see anything beyond...