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    First Jungle Book Clip Unveils Idris Elba's Terrifying Shere Khan

    The tiger growling mixed in with the speech struck me as a little silly, but it was otherwise good.
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    'Yelp for People' App Launches, Here's What You Should Know

    And then a month after that, "Not so fast." again as another pay level is rolled out that allows people to rehid crap. This app is going to make the developer bank, and all because a handful of people are going to sign up to throw garbage at each other.
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    Nickelodeon Resurrecting Legends of the Hidden Temple as a TV Movie

    Will it also include puzzles and traps purposely designed in such a way that an average size 10 year old can't complete them?
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    Want Every Future Consortium Game For Free? Back The Kickstarter Today

    I remember when Subsoap tried this with the Infinity Bundle. They've spent the last three years trying to weasel out of it, since anyone who was interested in buying games from them got the bundle....and won't be buying anything else.
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    Bring Back Mystery Science Theater 3000 Campaign Lands on Kickstarter

    Just Rifftrax, Cinematic Titanic closed shop two years ago.
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    A Monopoly Origin Story Is Coming to Theaters

    There's already a pretty good documentary out there, Under The Boardwalk - The Monopoly Board Game Story. Ignoring the parts were they completely drop the documentary part and just show recordings of Monopoly tournaments for half an hour, the average person will learn a a fair amount about how...
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    Thanks to Kickstarter, Chris Hansen's Online Predator Stings Are Back

    And you do that by arresting the guy bringing in the danger. I find it hard to believe there wasn't something on the books to prevent this if they really wanted to. Even if it's just a matter of saying "no", then waiting until he got himself in trouble to act.
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    StarCraft 2 Pro Match Fixers Arrested And Banned For Life

    I'd assume it being a legitimate sport is slightly more than just being involved in mass gambling, but that people know about it, care about it and we're having this discussion. I remember reading about the Brood Wars scandal. I also remember shrugging along with the rest of the internet and...
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    Goosebumps: The Game Gets a Release Date

    I agree, but it makes since if you read his first try at a Fear Street revival in the late 90s, after Goosebumps #50 I think it was. It was pretty much just Goosebumps, but with the occasional drop of blood or something. I recall him saying at a convention in early 2000 that the problem was, he...
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    Legacy of The Void Owners Get Early Access to Heroes of The Storm Hero

    I'm not sure about pre-order culture, but this has been a Blizzard thing for 10 years. Pre-ordering the newest thing normally opens up cosmetic bonuses in other, unrelated Blizzard games.
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    Gamers Only 20 Percent of Games Workshop's Customers

    It's the entire point behind a model kit.
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    Gamers Only 20 Percent of Games Workshop's Customers

    A collector might be someone who only has an interest in dealing with a particular aspect of the thing. When I was a kid, I preferred to collect MTG cards, playing wasn't of interest to me. Same thing.
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    Google Cracks Down on Adblock

    So, been using Youtube regularly for a few weeks and haven't had this come up at all with my ad-block use. Perhaps because I use two ad-block programs (normal ad-block and ad-block for youtube)?
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    LEGO Dimensions Adventure Worlds Preview - So Many Stories!

    About two months ago.
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    A Girl's Best Friend - Moon Girl & Devil Dinosaur Is Marvel's Latest Tag Team

    And then he was in Agents of H.A.T.E.