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    7 Essential Films to Watch from the Coen Brothers

    Llewyin Davis is absolutely brilliant and one of my favorite films of the last couple of years. And that soundtrack. Isaac is just as great a singer and guitar player as he is an actor. I recently watched Another Day, Another Time, a concert in celebration of the films soundtrack and there's...
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    Firewatch Review - Burning A Hole Through My Heart

    You had me wondering for a minute there. They do sound very similar. OT: Loved Firewatch but it is absolutely a Walking Sim. So don't buy it if you have that phobia to them that seems to be spreading these days, just so I don't have to listen to your whining on every forum I visit for the...
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    Oculus Rift Price Revealed as Pre-Orders Open

    Considering all the tech in there I'm hardly surprised. Custom 2160x1200, 90Hz panels, tracking and god knows what other gizmos made the initial price pretty much impossible. Right now it's the price of a high end smart phone which makes sense. I'm still disappointed though due to their...
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    Watch Robots Build Steam Controllers

    Impressive factory they got there. I seriously doubt they'll break even on that investment though. I personally love my Steam Controller but with all the unfounded hatred the thing has been getting, I don't think they're selling too many units.
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    What would your walk out song be?

    Smooth. As. Fuck. I love this song. If it works for the car it works for the ring.
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    5 Actresses Who Could Play A New Lara Croft

    Yeah, she also looks the part and is a decent enough actress. I'd like to see that.
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    Zero Punctuation: Rock Band 4

    Amen, man. Really hope they jump the bandwagon and announce a new version soon. Then again, 2014 was almost perfect.
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    Star Wars: The Force Awakens is Annihilating Advance Ticket Sales Records

    Same here. That's literally the only reason for me. No one will spoil Star Wars for me. No One! But yeah, if I could watch the film at midnight in the comfort of my home instead of in a packed theater full of people who'll probably yell every time Han Solo is on screen, I'd definitely do it.
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    Skeletons with Intelligent/Personality List

    And another cool skull: Murray from Monkey Island
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    Oculus Rift Will Cost More Than $350, Says Founder

    While the lighthouse tech is certainly impressive, it's something I don't see myself using a whole lot after the initial wow factor, especially since it's such a hassle to set up and use. Oculus is going the more traditional gaming route at the moment while Valve is trying to innovate. But yeah...
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    Oculus Rift Will Cost More Than $350, Says Founder

    Hmm, lets see what the Vive sans Lighthouse is going to cost. Might actually switch to Valve on the VR front.
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    The Name of the Wind to Become a Movie, TV Show, And Game, All At Once

    I love the books and I really wanted to see a TV adaptation but with movies in the mix, I'm a little concerned. How exactly is this supposed to work? Are they going to rush through the story in the movie and then flesh out the in between stuff in the series? I doubt they'll make it a requirement...
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    Why the fuck didn't anyone tell me how fantastic Elite Dangerous was?

    You will not regret it. Elite in the Rift is by far the most immersive thing I've ever played. I've spent roughly 30 hours with it in Elite and for space junkies like me, it's the greatest thing ever. Jumping out of Frame Shift and seeing that massive star appear in front you will never get old...
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    All of Your Favorite Movies Are Becoming TV Shows

    School of Rock is another one. Coming early next year with Linklater producing.
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    Help me get into metal music

    I do like me some Metal once in a while, but I usually tell people who don't know too much about it to listen to some desert / stoner rock instead. It's often closer to a lot of popular classic metal than actual metal. Try some Truckfighters []...