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    Unskippable: Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory, Part 1

    That was the weirdest, most unplayable looking thing I've seen for a while. DO IT. (Also, for the record, that bit where the girl was saying she was dying and then just sort of fell had me in hysterics)
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    Miracle of Sound: The Crush (Pacific Rim)

    Really liked this; for some reason the rhythm of the song was what really made it for me, particularly in the chorus. I suppose it was because it really conveyed the rhythm of the Jaegers, both in the mechanical way they walked and the perfectly in sync pilots. Also, the last few songs over...
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    Miracle of Sound: The Day the World Died (Metro: Last Light)

    Only played the first Metro game briefly, but I can still say with utter conviction that you captured the atmosphere of the world beautifully. What I like is that you had a song with similar subject matter with "Beauty Bleak", or at least with a similar setting, but you could really see the...
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    Miracle of Sound: Dream of the Sky (BioShock: Infinite)

    I bought Level 3 the other day, pretty much as soon as it was available, and I saw a new song on the list that I had never heard before, and saw it's length and thought 'wow, that's a pretty epic length, I wonder what could inspire Gav so much...' When I saw that it was a Bioshock Infinite song...
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    Jim & Yahtzee's Rhymedown Spectacular: A Tale of Two Poets

    Exquisite. Helped by the fact that I have a glass of wine in my hand, I can certainly get down to this being a frequent thing!
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    Miracle of Sound: Half Man's Song (Game of Thrones)

    Fantastic... simply fantastic.
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    Miracle of Sound: The Savage Side Of Me (Tomb Raider)

    Really like this one. This might be completely wrong, but for some reason it feels very similar to the Uncharted song you released, yet entirely different; something about the tone of your voice and the rhythm that captures constant movement ties the song together for me, despite the fact that...
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    No Right Answer: Best Tom Hanks Movie Ever

    Despite my personal opinions of Forrest Gump being overrated, Chris did have a better argument overall. Still, I would have gone with Saving Private Ryan. And yet, no matter the situation, we are the winners, because we get to experience Tom Hanks in all of these movies.
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    Miracle of Sound: His Father's Son (Assassin's Creed III)

    Have to say Gav, you've really created something special here. I am so glad that of all the things you could make a song about this game, you made it about my favourite part: the relationship between Connor and Haytham. Not only that, but the song captured the feel of Connor's background...
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    Zero Punctuation: Halo 4

    It's interesting watching this as a fan of the Halo series. A lot of what he says here is absolutely true. Hell, pretty much all of it is, and yet, I don't feel like that diminishes the series for me. It's still incredibly fun for me, and I enjoy it a lot most days, find it tedious some days...
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    Miracle of Sound: The Spy Who Survived (Skyfall)

    You and I sir are in agreement :) (almost scarily so O_O)
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    Miracle of Sound: The Spy Who Survived (Skyfall)

    Niiiiiice... Took a little while to warm up to this, but, by the end, I was loving it. Really felt like it could be the title song for a Bond movie. I was kinda hoping you would do a song on Skyfall. What was your opinion on it?
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    Miracle of Sound: Distant Honor (Dishonored)

    I can't believe I almost missed this! Gav, we all agreed that you can take a month to write your great songs, so why have you broken the deal and produced a big-production song so soon after Breaking Down the Borders? In all seriousness, I haven't played the game yet, but I could easily tell...
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    No Right Answer: Best X-Men Member Ever

    Great episode, very well delivered arguments on both sides, and I loved how you guys dealt with Wolverine, both at the beginning and the end, as you really hit the nail on the head in terms of why he is the quintessential X-man. Although, if I had to pick between the two ... Chris won. Gambit is...
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    Miracle of Sound: Breaking Down The Borders (Borderlands 2)

    Wow ... that was instantly awesome. Gav, it amazes me that, within the same week, you release two songs that blow me away (by the way, Blood of the Creed was great). The rhythm of this song was just spot on, and it made it immediately jump off the screen and very, very memorable. The aesthetic...