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    Poll: Kaleion's Tabletop RPG campaign selection poll & announcement.

    Mate, you're a damn sight better than most people whose writing I've been subjected to, including several university students, so don't worry about it. :) As for the choice, I opted for Gothic Horror Guild (GHG) because I always prefer something original over the published stuff, but I...
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    Maybe we should try a Tabletop RPG?

    I could be up for something like that, though I've never done PbP so I'd need to be helped while I get the hang of it. Scheduling might be a bugger because I live in Europe (GMT+1, for y'all clever clogs). For what it's worth I have extensive experience with D&D 5E and a few Apocalypse...
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    Does anyone else not have any friends IRL?

    It's scary how to a T you've just described me. :P I have two friends who seem to like being around me, and the rest are ok with me being around, though with my reputation of being a massive shut-in they don't really endeavour to meet up, outside of the occasional event invite (which I...
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    Doki Doki Literature Club! ~Uwa! I feel like I'm dying inside >.<'

    Completely agreed, DDLC grabs by the undercarriage and doesn't let go for an instant. Also, while all of the characters are pretty good, I'd say Yuri's a cut above the rest.
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    Poll: Sound of Silence...Which Version is Better?

    While I don't mind Disturbed's cover, I think it's lacking the sombreness that makes Sound of Silence so memorable. I dunno, but I feel that a singer who's shouting the lyrics is kind of missing the point somewhat. Not to mention, I associate the original with the Comedian's funeral, so it's got...
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    Moments where you go, "WAIT, WHAT IN THE FUCK!?"

    That is pretty much every death reaction I had in Dark Souls 2, because the hitboxes were so mindblowingly godawful that I couldn't help calling bullshit whenever I'd die to a hit I quite clearly dodged.
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    Best classical music

    Antonin Dvorak's Symphony No. 9, From the New World is a powerful piece of music brilliance, and my favourite to this day.
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    How late have you ever left something you've needed to do?

    Usually, I leave my work until a day or two before it's due, because I can only work properly during crunch time. However, the latest I've left doing work is a couple of hours before the submissions close. Mind you, I got a B+ on that one, if I recall correctly, so I'm not too harsh on myself...
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    Poll: Microtransactions vs Paid DLC

    I can't say I like either, though I've actually bought DLC in the past, the best of which was probably the Artorias DLC for DS1. Frankly, I think both are an indictment of the industry, since companies are more likely to cut down on disc content in favour of drip feeding the consumer more stuff...
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    Experiences with alcohol

    At time of writing, I'm 21 and have never tried alcohol of any kind. While I can't pinpoint any one reason as to why I haven't, I've chalked it up to all the stupid drunk stories I've heard from my friends, as well as being told I should by almost goddamn everyone. I realise neither are...
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    What song or instrumental stunned you recently or in the past after the first time you heard it?

    Manowar - Heart of Steel From a band that made its name known by all the power metal ballads and strong vocals, here's a song which takes all that and perfects the style.
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    Poll: How Long Do You Play Videogames In One Session?

    In my younger days, I used to go for 6+ hours easily (and then rush my homework, oops). Nowadays, with university and my own lessened ability to be really sucked into a game, the most I go is 3ish hours, and the last time I did that was when I blasted through the recent Shadowrun games...
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    The Book's Cover: bad game titles

    Beyond Good and Evil, terrible name for an amazing game and probably had something to do with the game underperforming hideously in sales at launch. Luckily for it, the universal acclaim meant it's performed a fuckton better since then.
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    Poll: Game Soundtracks You Consider Perfect

    Oops, you're right, my bad! Don't know how I derped hard enough to miss 2 separate posts. Anyway, since no one has mentioned it (I hope, otherwise I'll look like an arse twice in a row :P), my next vote goes to Beyond Good and Evil, despite the fact that for some reason the first track in the...
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    Poll: Game Soundtracks You Consider Perfect

    I'll agree with most posts so far, but how is it that we're on page 2 and no one has mentioned Transistor? C'mon, people...