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    8 Pokemon Go Players Who Deserve a Darwin Award

    When Pokemon Go came out, I actually said "I predict that someone is going get run over pretty soon because they see a pokemon in the middle of the street." I was joking of course, and I actually did reference that one might qualify for the Darwin awards.
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    Are there any games you play just for the soundtrack?

    For me, the Metroid Prime series has amazing music, especially the boss fights. My favorite boss music is the Rundas theme without a doubt. It has a tribal type of beat to it and it is also very chilling. Which is appropriate since Rundas has ice powers. The background music is also very...
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    Unskippable: Time & Eternity, Part 1

    I always enjoy when it when you guys do JRPGs they always hilarious. I believe half the characters were totally tripping their brains out. The bitchy one was on cocaine. The one with balloons was on acid, or possibly was around too much helium. I don't have a clue what the one with the...
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    Your first car crash

    The only car crash I've ever been in was on December 24, 2011. I was driving home after stopping at the post office to get our mail. (I live on route 20 in Massachusetts, right by the road. The speed limit is 50.) I was driving home and a car got behind me, and I noticed that their windshield...
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    Pokemon Hypothetical: Shinies Only!

    I was evil, I've used the cheat code device to get quite a few shiny pokemon, but I'm not counting them. I did use it to get a manaphy egg, but it hatched shiny, which surprised me. I caught a shiny tentacool (it was silver and green) and a shiny onix on my Crystal version, and I got 2 of the...
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    If you were a Pokémon...

    I've asked my friends a question like before and their usual response is "Oh, you would most likely be Darkrai." I can actually kind of see myself as Darkrai. In Pokemon Platinum the info on Darkrai is that it gives others near it nightmares although it is not a malevolent or conscious act but a...
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    Pacific rim people. Get some excitement going :)

    Agreed. Looks quite good. It's actually an adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft's "At the Mountains of Madness".
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    Cryptids, what do you believe in?

    Agreed. There are too many witnesses that have seen this being. Dismissing it as "Mass Hysteria" is downright ridiculous. Yes, the bridge collapsing did cause some hysteria, but all the witnesses who saw it, saw days before it happened, not afterwards.
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    Escape to the Movies: Star Trek: Into Darkness

    I'm not joking that I was really planning on yelling "KAAAHHHNNN!!!" at the beginning of the movie, that is, if I decided to go see it. Highly unlikely, after seeing the last "Star Trek" movie Wow. I had already figured out who the villain was even before the movie even started and I was...
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    The whole "We aren't taking the high road" was perfect. Wearing the kitty slippers with that outfit was downright hysterical.
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    Miracle of Sound: Dream of the Sky (BioShock: Infinite)

    I loved it! I couldn't help but sing along to the second half of the song, and I usually don't sing along to a song the first time I hear it. Also tying it back to the song "Little Sister" was perfect, as soon as I heard the first few notes, I knew you were tying it back.
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    Gee didn't see that coming from a mile away.

    I once stabbed myself in the hand with a sharp knife while trying split two frozen hamburger patties. I needed stitches, and due to so really good karma/luck, the knife went between two nerves and didn't touch either of them, a fraction of millimeter off and my hand would have been paralyzed...
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    Poll: Do you pay more attention to the music or the lyrics?

    I tend to listen to music that usually doesn't have lyrics. Most of the stuff I listen to is just instrumental, but I do have a few songs that have lyrics. It mainly depends on the song, some songs that have lyrics are just awful, but some songs that have lyrics added to it can sometimes be...
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    Your Doppelgänger

    My Doppelganger would be named Karok the Sane. While I am quite careful with what I say so I won't accidentally offend anybody. I'm very polite when I post and will very rarely swear and if I do I censor it. I'm also not very social and don't often post many forums. When I post something I try...
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    But all is not well in Hoofington (A MLP FiM Rp, 3 slots open, PM GM if interested.)

    Gearwork put a hoof on Midnight's shoulder and said "I understand why you did it, but as for the others, they feel a like you don't fully trust them. I've known you for a few years and I know how you act, somewhat. I forgive you, but you should really apologize to Trixie. She almost suffered a...