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    Ghost in the Shell Official Trailer 1

    Hmm, I'm still kinda torn. I hated the idea about this, and am still not happy with the casting of Johansson as the Major...but... There was some iconic imagery that was pretty faithfully done, and it looks like the are using parts of the Puppet Master case but also a few others (example the...
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    Does Being Politically Incorrect Makes You A Bigot?

    Be careful of the word "all", hyperbole doesn't help your case.
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    This perticular hair style just makes me so...disgusted.

    If someone had a tattoo saying, "I'm a ****" on their forehead, would you just say, "it's just ink, chill the fuck out," when we mocked them for their personal idiocy in tattoo choices? Maybe, maybe not. But that's what I see when I see that type of cut. Hell, I'll at least admit to being...
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    Report: Ghostbusters to See a $70 Million Loss, Sequel Likely Shelved

    Holy Shit Snacks! Rocky Horror pulled down 140 million last year? I mean, I knew there was the constant late-nite cult showingsI've seen it myself a couple dozen times., but damn, I didn't expect to see those kinds of numbers. Oh, Ghostbusters? Meh, don't insult your fans if you want to...
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    Twitter might be for sale

    North Korea will buy it and all hashtags will be #DearLeaderwhoisaperfectincarnationoftheappearancethataleadershouldhave
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    Theres a word for that!?

    Man, we missed all the cool shit that legislators did in the past. Anyways... [image width =310 height=200][/IMG]
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    So...New Rogue One Trailer...

    TEGEN TOPPA DEATH STAR KILLER!!! [image width=270 height=112][/IMG]
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    This perticular hair style just makes me so...disgusted.

    [image height=132 width=132][/IMG] That's what I'm fucking saying. Just the other day, my fiance and I were at a restaurant, and one of the waiters had that haircut. I said to her something like...
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    So...New Rogue One Trailer...

    Its ok, there's been like three of them including Starkiller "Totally-Not-A-Death-Star" Base. Its easy to get them mixed up and confuse them. Following the Gurren Lagann principle, I expect the next First Order weapon to be about 30AU across, drinks nebula, and shoots actual stars which nova...
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    Anybody tried Headlander?

    It popped up on my Steam recommended list, as I have been in a metroidvania zone for a while. I took a look at it, the trailer, saw Double Fine, laughed and clicked away. Those guys have burned bridges with a lot of people.
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    Suicide Squad was awesome, critics high on crack

    Which I also had a problem with this because of what they ended up doing for the big bad. It could have been resolved if they actually used a few minutes to show the Squad doing what the Squad does. Like maybe a couple minutes of them in a foreign country taking out an enemy of the US who is...
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    Let's Get Indie Games Away From the Idea of a Small Child in a Scary World

    The Park [] uses the mother/son dynamic, but you are right, it is used less often than the father/daughter angle.
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    Let's Get Indie Games Away From the Idea of a Small Child in a Scary World

    Ok, you get a pass, but everyone else that was saying "Bastion isn't bleak," have you mothers actually beaten Bastion? If you have, you can click the following, but if not, don't: The game is very dark once you realize what is going on, and why. It is the literal End-of-the-World scenario.
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    No Criminal Charges in 38 Studios Investigation, Says Rhode Island Attorney General

    Yeah, the purpose of the loan was to bring tech jobs to Rhode Island; it was an idea to kick-start a tech industry in the postage stamp. Bringing in a successful game studio into the state would bring in high-paying jobs, and employees of those high-paying jobs would be spending that money in...