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    Zero Punctuation: Splatoon - Ink Pun

    Reminds me a lot of Graffiti mode from 'Tony Hawk Pro Skater 4'. A mode so fun I can't believe it's taken this long to see it used again. Shame my internet can't cope.
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    Zero Punctuation: Grand Theft Auto Online

    That end point is so true it's painful, and the reason I avoid multiplayer whenever I can. It's either play with friends or your childhood bullies.
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    The Big Picture: Remembering the Real Jack Thompson

    I'd honestly forgotten he even existed due to how long it's been since I'd last seen him mentioned.
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    Jimquisition: The Adblock Episode

    Didn't even realise they had such repercussions. Nice to know my lack of an ad blocker is helping these videos. I'm happy to support ;)
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    Your Top 5 Favorite Games (with a slight twist)

    Interesting twist. Okami (ps2) Abe's oddworld: exodus (pc) Littlebigplanet (ps3) warioland 4 (gba) Silent bomber (ps1)
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    Most Bizzare Glitch You've Ever Seen?

    I had a strange case in the new Prince of Persia. I fell through the floor of one of the towers, out of the world before then being teleported back to where I had been standing. And a few minutes earlier Elika had levitated into the air and started talking to walls ._.
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    Searching for a racing game

    I'd recommend Flatout 2. Fits your criteria and I personally loved it.
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    Scream out the name of your favorite attack

    My favourite would be ?Flaming Pillar? by Nhazul, at 2:14 in the linked video.
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    What is your favorite weapon in any video game ever? (or couple of favorite weapons)

    The pesticide sniper rifle from EDF: Insect Armageddon deserves a mention. It basicly fires a nuke which can 2 shot the games toughest bosses (and kill the player if their anywhere nearby).
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    Well it was my birthday just yesterday and...

    *tips hat to PsychicTaco115* We are blessed to have someone like you.
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    Poll: What do you know about Wales?

    I'm well aware of Wales but that's no surprise as I live less than half an hour from the border.
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    I want to talk about Metal Gear Solid

    Never heard about that before, wish I?d known. Another thing I wish I?d known at the time (I had the PC version). I ended up having to fight him each time with bare fists and it always took about half an hour or more. Not a hard fight once you get the pattern down but really longwinded.
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    Your 20 Favorite Games Ever.

    In (very) loosely ascending order: Okami Shadow of the Colossus Journey Sky Odyssey Flatout 2 World of Goo Flower Abe's Oddworld Exodus Minecraft Burnout Paradise Ratchet and Clank 3 Armoured core 3 Call of Duty 4 LittleBigPlanet Medievel 2 total war Pokemon Emerald Pixeljunk...
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    Pokémon: Any other "shiny virgins" out there?

    Despite playing 8 of the pokemon games I?ve only seen one, a shiny Swablu.
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    Those sneaky mimic chests...

    I remember that one, really sneaky. Especially as it came right after a boss fight (so your teams low on health and saving would normally heals them).