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    Miracle of Sound: Fires Far (Dark Souls II Song)

    Yeah I'm pretty sure this song just knocked The Day The World Died from my #1 Gav song spot. The line "the mourning bells are ringing" is a melodical masterpiece. Unfortunately I have yet to play Dark Souls 2 (I made the mistake of pre-purchasing in the same order as Watch Dogs which in turn...
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    Miracle of Sound: Forever Blue (Breaking Bad Song)

    I'm not the least of a singer myself sadly so I'm not that knowledgeable in the voice processing arts, but it might just be a whole lot like not quantizing too much. It just leaves the human feel which appeals to us, especially in an emotional piece such as this (very electrical pieces have...
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    Miracle of Sound: Forever Blue (Breaking Bad Song)

    Putting the amazing instrumental work aside, I think the vocal work during the first verse is the best you've pulled off in any song so far.
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    Miracle of Sound: Higher Tonight (Saints Row IV)

    It is great to see that you manage to renew my faith in the fact that all musical genres can be good if there is an actual love for the art rather than seeing it as a means of earning "easy" money. I don't listen to a whole lot of wub and I don't really like the genre, but as a musician I can...
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    Help me choose among these PS2 games (edited)

    Am I the only one that enjoyed Dark Cloud 1 more than Dark Cloud 2? The first game was way more daring in how it was executed, and it didn't hold your hand throughout the game in the same way Dark Cloud 2 did. Having six playable characters, with certain levels being locked to one specific...
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    Miracle of Sound: The Day the World Died (Metro: Last Light)

    Somewhat late to the party this time around but it seems I lucked out this time. If I get the song correctly it is more about melancholic feelings rather than something very game-specific (seeing as I have not played the game this would've made it more difficult to fully understand the song)...
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    Miracle of Sound: My Iron Skin (Iron Man)

    The fact that this metaphor escaped me until you pointed this out to me kind of worked wonders for the song as a whole since it made me listen to it plenty more times in order to understand it better. The combination of a slightly unfathomable metaphor that gives an incredible depth and...
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    Miracle of Sound: My Iron Skin (Iron Man)

    I'd just like to followup on this since I know I would pay for karaoke releases without a second doubt. I'm pretty sure the demand would be quite high since your way of writing incredibly catchy choruses (going with this part specifically since this is usually what people remember) they would...
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    Miracle of Sound: My Iron Skin (Iron Man)

    Well then all I can do is clap and admit you got me good. Following Dream of the Sky I spent most focus on the music and didn't think three times about the lyrical wonders that you tend to pull as well. Keep up the great work! Good thing even the captcha is taunting me now, calling me a "drum...
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    Miracle of Sound: My Iron Skin (Iron Man)

    Having a very AC/DC-esque sound makes perfect sense for a song about Iron Man, and while I found myself thinking the length ratio netween verse and chorus could quite possibly result in a rather repetitive nature it only really served to get the song stuck in my head. It is also quite fitting...
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    "Dream of the Sky"

    99 tracks? Sounds like you had the time of your life making this song. I think I only ever reach 15-20 tracks or so when I go completely nuts (though only playing many different guitars with no ability to sing whatsoever might work wonders in limiting track count). I really hope that, in the...
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    Miracle of Sound: Dream of the Sky (BioShock: Infinite)

    Many most likely expected it since it is pretty much a given to include it (and since Gavin never fails to capture the essence of a game in his songs this tiny thing was not getting past him). Also I'm not sure if it's the standard (but it seems logical) but anyone that has studied even a just a...
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    Miracle of Sound: Dream of the Sky (BioShock: Infinite)

    I wrote it in my first post, but if I recall correctly it was 3:46. With the introduction to the Elizabeth-part in the song there are five single notes plucked, and they are C, A, G, E and D in that order (CAGED). While CAGE was a part of Infinite I personally found the addition of the D note to...
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    Miracle of Sound: Dream of the Sky (BioShock: Infinite)

    I love how the guitar playing scene is used as an opening when the first section of the song reminds me so much of the actual song played in the game. Then follows the next section with excellent playful themes that mirror the image of Columbia perfectly. I almost thought you were going for your...
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    Three books to base a society on.

    Neuromancer by William Gibson Faust by J. W. von Goethe Aniara by Harry Martinson Would be interesting if anything.