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    Fuschia OS: Why It's Completely Redundant

    What I'm reading about Fucshia seems very interesting, though. It looks like it'll have a very deep integration with Google Assistant and should manage multiple devices. Docker seems to work fine on Windows 10 (I'm using it mainly for cross-compiling). It used to have some trouble where it...
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    The Social/Cultural Ramifications of one Sex losing a significant portion of their power/purpose?

    Why not make both sexes obsolete by investing in artificial wombs and artificially creating the perfect egg and sperm cells depending on what you want at the output, which may or may not be a clone army.
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    A Genie comes to you and gives you three wishes. What do you wish for?

    Infinite genies. Or possibly wish for the genie to forget that every following wish is not the first wish. After that... A 12 inch pianist? Or maybe immortality. And the ability to create new universes and travel to them. Oh look, I didn't even need the extra wishes.
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    Zero Punctuation: The Technomancer

    They failed to find the story? Crap, I just bought this... Well, at least I'll be able to yell "POWER! UNLIMITED POOOOOWER!"
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    Pokemon GO Will Get Trading in a Future Update

    Yeah... Even one would be an improvement. They also need better servers.
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    Poll: Would you have sex with a non-human?

    Yes, definitely, absolutely. Gotta be careful with spiders, though. They tend to eat their mates when they're done. But seriously, do you know any?
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    Zero Punctuation: Doom

    I kept forgetting there were grenades at all... Until I accidentally pressed the button to try to sprint or crouch for some reason.
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    Heroes Are Born, Not Made

    That's not what they said in Megamind...
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    Is Link a character?

    Yes, Link is a character. And he seems to keep on reincarnating. There's nothing wrong with reincarnating as a girl. It's still the same character. In fact, if I knew I'd reincarnate as a girl in my next life...
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    Do you play old games?

    I'm replaying Warcraft 3 right now... Is a 14 year old game old?
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    Beware: Latest Nvidia GeForce Driver Thoroughly Borked

    Good thing I didn't update yet, then. Also, I just refreshed my GeForce Experience and the .47 patch seems to no longer be available.
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    The Ban game

    Banned for still keeping this thread alive and not reminding me to do the same!
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    The Hugging Game

    *It's been almost a year since my last hug*
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    The Guy above me is a troll because...

    For not reminding me this thread exists! Seriously, where is the time when we posted lots of posts here without the thread hamsters being dead?
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    Poll: How Do You Hold Your Fork?!

    I keep my forks on Github. Or if you mean the other ones... I hold them whatever way is more convenient for what I'm eating. Usually like you'd hold a hammer, I guess. A hammer that's used for stabbing food. Well, maybe not exactly like a hammer... Maybe more like a screwdriver, applying...