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    Zero Punctuation: Exclusives Showdown

    How exactly is the PC loosing? A whole new set of steal sales just started, were doing better than ever.
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    Zero Punctuation: Exclusives Showdown

    A pc that costs just as much as a console is going to be more powerful, see this
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    Zero Punctuation: Exclusives Showdown

    Have you seen the steam sales, and the humble bundles? Plus you don't HAVE to upgrade, if you don't your rig will never get any more powerful, but the consoles don't get more powerful over time so it's a pretty bad argument in the pc vs console wars.
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    Zero Punctuation: Exclusives Showdown

    This is correct. Pc gaming is on the rise, mostly due to the public double suicide that these consoles are. For instance, steam has beaten xbox live in active users ) Also steam is free.
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    Shooter Stories-can they be better?

    The deus ex series and bioshock are two worth naming
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    What do you think separates humans from other animals?

    Lawers, also proof that other animals are better than us
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    Who else hates the site redesign?

    I DO. What was wrong with the old one? The new blue color looks horrible, and the old one was so much simpler.
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    Kim Jong Il has died....

    there is only one good way to respond to this
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    Buggiest game you ever played?

    Alpha Protocol
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    Test Drive Unlimited 2
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    Do you still watch Zero Punctuation every week?

    Yes, beacause theyare the greatest set of weekley online videos ever
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    You have the power to bring back one cancelled TV show...

    Moonlight. I loved that show, a lot.
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    The last song you listened to is now your country's national anthem.

    OH GOODY! I live in America, and our government is full of dumbasses, this song is perfect.
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    Does the LGB community hate transexuals?

    being bisexual myself, I have transgender friends, who I don't hate, so I would say no.
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    What's your favourite all time theme tune?

    Not sure if this counts, this is one character's theme, not frome the whole show, but still my favorite theme