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    U.K. Retailers Drop Habbo Cards

    I'll be honest, myself and a friend immediately created an account after watching the report (we're in the UK). Posing as a 12 year old girl, we were chatted up within 10 minutes by a guy claiming to be 27. Everyone was talking about executing a DDOS attack on the channel 4 site. As if they...
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    The Half-Naked Elf Problem

    Has anyone here played Phantasy Star? Whether it be Phantasy Star 'Online', Phantasy Star 'Universe' or the trilogy of Phantasy Star 'Portable' games? For YEARS, appearance in those games have been different from armour. Being a sci-fi game, they've taken the rather neat step of the armour...
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    Things you liked... Until you found out what they really are

    There's a GREAT Christian Rock Band called "Skillet", I liked them, some of their songs are honestly really good like "Rebirthing" or "Whispers in the Dark" and I took them to be love songs. Then I found a really preachy one called "Angels Bow Down" (before the glory of the lord) and I have...
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    Six Tips on Crushing Your Enemies in Civilization V

    I know its not particulary on topic, but I've never found any modern CIV games as fun as Sid Meiers Alpha Centauri :)
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    Review: The Undergarden

    "But for those who grok it's strange charm" Grok...a "Stranger In A Strange Land" reference if I'm not mistaken...if so, you're now my favourite reviewer :P
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    Robots Invade Scottish Hospital

    As I've said before, it really is awesome, alot of people are amazed its in Scoland but I'd argue that Scotland's healthcare is of a higher standard than England! Haha, yeah, and a WHSmith newsagent/bookshop too. It really is VERY high tech with security passkeys and such and of course its...
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    Robots Invade Scottish Hospital

    Haha..ha..ha... I'm actually a student nurse that lives in the area and I've been to the new hospital, believe it or not, it as actually AWESOME :p The reception has a Starbucks too! lol
  8. Lopunny Closes Down!

    UGH! I was planning on getting Masters Of Orion 2 from them :( Guess i'll have to resort to the DOSbox version...
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    The Escapist Presents: Starcraft 2: Easter Eggs

    In one of the space multiplayer maps, I believe its "deep orbit" or high orbit or between the islands, there are tanks with alien on the bottom left of the map has a METROID :)
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    BioWare Unveils Dragon Age 2 - UPDATED

    New part of the world? *crosses fingers* please be Tevinter imperium.....
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    Question of the Day, June 23, 2010

    PERSONALLY I was really disappointed by EA not revealing an expansion to Spore...
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    Huge Closures for GAME

    I was driven away from GAME ages ago, for two main reason. 1. As the honorable gentleman has suggested in the below guote mostly. I still actively play my "obsolete" consoles. and 2. GAME seems to of trained their staff different now, its really annoying. I know people are complaining...
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    Potent Health Poltice Recipe?

    I know, I know, I feel like im going more with "coolness" than practicality, but I was planning on taking the golems to compensate for coercions high enough.... *sighs* Hehehe, Arcane Warrior/Blood Mage with most of the buffs I can think of that a mage can have active on him (but I think I...
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    PS2 Greats

    Hmmm.....R Type Final? It's a really fun sideways scrolling shooter :)
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    Potent Health Poltice Recipe?

    No, thats my point, you can only buy it from him AFTER you side with the elves, so if I side with the werewolves, it seems I won't be able to get it ever :/ Just wondering if hes the only way