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    Bizarre Fixes for PC Games? (Consoles welcome too, if you've ever needed a weird fix for one)

    When I recently built my new computer so I could finally play all the games I've been buying on Steam I installed a bunch of games and all but one of them worked. Bioshock. I tried reinstalling it, running as administrator, verifying the game files, and even going onto the official 2K website...
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    GBA battery 'has run dry'?

    Just in case you bought it recently and didn't buy it new I suggest you look at these [] two [] articles. That...
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    Alien invasion: Your reaction

    Are they going to screw around with our communications systems (specifically the internet) and are they going to get in the way of the postal service? If not then screw it, I don't care. If they are then I'll hide and work out until I am built like a space marine (or the closest reasonable...
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    Military Funeral Picketing partially banned, WBC are tools.

    What I meant was that there is a precedent where freedom of speech is limited in certain manners because unlimited freedom of speech would lead to chaos. I never intentionally tried to argue that what they were doing was ACTUALLY illegal, just, like you, that it is wrong. But I do disagree...
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    Military Funeral Picketing partially banned, WBC are tools.

    It's a problem of the manner in which it is done. Freedom of speech isn't actually the impenetrable, "freedom to say anything you want" that many people think it is and neither should it be. If it were we'd still allow Yellow Journalism and Defamation (speaking of USA here and only inasmuch as...
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    "Just following orders"

    "I've been at the mercy of men just following orders. Never again." Everyone needs to take responsibility for their actions: the ones being ordered and the ones doing the ordering. Now, I'm not saying that everyone will, and I fully understand that sometimes those being ordered are being...
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    500 Trillion Watt Laser Breaks Records

    While it's really cool, I can't quite look past the minor problem in creating a star fusion reaction in the midst of your complex and expensive equipment. Hopefully they have some mechanical octopus arms.
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    You have a gun with one bullet...

    War because even if it gets worse first, with no war there will no longer be any reason to ignore the hunger problem which will then get better regardless.
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    Linguistics Research: Language, Gender, and You

    1) I've never pretended to be another gender online inasmuch as I may have used female avatars, but never actually acted like I was a female intentionally for any type of gain. 2) I'm not too concerned with the human counterparts to online avatars/personas. I'll generally pick out a gender...
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    Poll: Is it fair to call Top Gun gay?

    But in all seriousness, although I haven't seen it I just assume it to more or less mirror American male sports teams in that it's easy to pick on for the overemphasis of masculinity while surrounded by other males trying to be overly masculine and everyone is in various stages of undress. Easy...
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    Jimquisition: Hate Out Of Ten

    Excellent summary there at the end with the nine thing. My feelings exactly.
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    The Big Picture: Science!

    Well, I just meant that that's where he basically says that it is- more or less- just The Big Soapbox.
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    The Big Picture: Science!

    I would be asking the same things as you Bob, but I was hit with the despair of dreamless capitalism several years ago. And by dreamless I mean the only dream is to have money and to make enough incremental steps to make it seem like we are progressing, but not enough to make EVERYONE pissed off...
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    Am I the Only One?

    You are always the only one because you are the only one who ever has the mixture of feelings about the subject in the exact way that you do. Anyways, the point behind the expression, "No you are never the only one," is to get people away from the useless whining that accompanies the, "Am I...
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    Guys: Would you date / marry a powerful woman?

    Maybe the celebrity thing would bother me, but mostly for the fact that (as per your example) if people were pushing me around like that I'd lose it and make myself a celebrity for beating up paparazzi. But the successful business woman or multi-degree genius? Hell yes. I'd much rather be a...