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    Recommend me some hip-hop

    Oh my yes! Good to see someone look past the crap in the spot light! Seriously good for you! Here is a list of artist you should look into. My advice is to start with their greatest albums to get a decent sample and branch out from there. Not going to cover the obvious guys (2pac, Biggie...
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    Good Riddance, Fred Phelps: 5 Pivotal Moments For LGBTs In Comics

    Speaking of failures, isn't an article considered a failure when an author has to sit in the comments and explain it away? Celebrating death is NEVER okay, its beneath human. You can write another article explaining this one but that doesn't change the fact that you celebrated a death. To...
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    Recommend me some music?

    If you are open to a different genre, Daft Punk just released a new single. These guys know their craft INCREDIBLY well. The amount of effort and meticulous detail they put in their music is mind blowing! [spoiler]
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    Recommend me an up-beat and positive game!

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    Movie Trailers: Noobz - Trailer

    REALLY ESCAPIST!?!? Why in the holy hell would they post this waste of data on their website. I swear, when I first started frequenting this site, I thought this was a site with intelligent insight on gaming. They had "Love Bites", "Extra Credits", and gave MovieBob his own shows. Now I see...
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    Worst review I have seen in a long time (borderlands 2)

    Another example of people who dont know games reviewing games!
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    Gamers Rage About Bayonetta 2 on Wii U

    Who gives a fuck. HOLY SHIT THERE'S GOING TO BE ANOTHER BAYONETTA!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Which Social Link would you be?

    Also I'm not afraid to manipulate others to achieve the objective, I've done it before... many times...
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    Which Social Link would you be?

    Def a magician, I love power, self confidence all the way and I'm def a man of action.
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    So I got friendzoned (not a bitching thread, don't worry!)

    I -fucking- know right?
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    So I got friendzoned (not a bitching thread, don't worry!)

    MAKE THE AQUANTANCES THAT YOU LIKE THE MOST YOUR FRIENDS!!! I did that and it was AWESOME! Turns out (most) people like having friends and can be cool.
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    So I got friendzoned (not a bitching thread, don't worry!)

    Oh wow, a relationship/dating thread where the topic is actually interesting and not about people discussing redundant crap... Didn't see that coming. Well, there was this relationship I was in. It was going surprisingly smoothly, then the shit hit the fan and there I learned from good...
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    Negative Dark Knight Rises Review Results in Death Threats

    People anonymously posting threats that they cant and wont follow through with on the internet. How is this news? Ill give it to you folks, you sure are persistent with focusing on the morons. Usually I cant listen to stupid people without involuntarily tuning them out within the first 30...
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    Recommend me a good fighting game

    Nice, my is gun wielding person and staff wielding person. (I didn't learn the names, sue me) Im decent with spear wielding person(Tsubaki) and whatever with cat person. Also I keep messing up her move where you input down, foward, down, foward and do her upper cut. Oh and you are...
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    Recommend me a good fighting game

    Kinda forgot to mention who your main is, friend.