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    LoadingReadyRun: Friends and Family

    That stinger! xD
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    Who else hates the site redesign?

    For me the main page is still broken. The text is in a weird "broken" font that seems broken and unreadable. Plus I don't like the new facebooky-super bright aesthetic.
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    The New Shiny Escapist

    The new "look" is utterly horribe. I can't READ anything because the text is distorted and corrupted all around the place. The site takes forever to load and on top of it all it looks bad too. At least give us an option to come back to the old way because this is just BAD.
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    Have YOU won the Steams Daily Wishlist Giveaway?

    I never won anything in my life (lottery wise that is) so I doubt I'll have a chance of being one of the lucky 300 (30 days x 10 people per day) out of a 3 million active community. I am also notorious amongst my D&D buddies for botching and rolling low ALL THE TIME. So yeah I'm not your...
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    Poll: Are you more attracted to women/men of your own ethnicity than those outside it?

    I'd say both. Sadly Redhead Asians are extra rare ;V
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    I Am Alive Producer Dismisses "Bitching" PC Gamers

    Oh so despite the fact that I have not pirated a single game in 10 years (when I was 10 I didn't exactly "know" it's bad) Ubisoft is going to call me an asshole just because I don't care about straight up console gaming? Well than you know what Ubi? Go fuc* yourself. I'm not going to buy a...
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    Why don't YOU have Skyrim?

    No money. Period.
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    Skyrim. R.I.P. Companions.

    R.I.P. Dark Brotherhood member. I thought you were good at sneaking?! Sneaking is NOT charging into battle while screaming curses!
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    Adult Escapists: What do you do for a living?

    I'm unemployed at the moment. It's not working out as well as I'd wished.
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    EU says it's illegal for children to blow up balloons

    As with 90% of the laws EU came up with, neither one of us will give two shits.
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    Zero Punctuation: The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings

    I played the game with a mouse and a keyboard. I used 7 buttons (w ,a ,s ,d ,q ,r and alt) 9 if you count lmb and rmb. It that amount of control options is too much for you than clearly you are missing a few fingers.
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    "All PC Games Run On Macs." What?

    1. Your friend is either joking or a complete idiot. 2. You can buy a computer two times more powerful than a mac for three times less money.
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    You just got stabbed...

    Being a realist I'd say "Garghlehehahhghahlehh" Than wither and die. In all honesty though I got stabbed in the gut once and I managed to get to the hospital by myself. I passed out about 10 meters away from the entrance but it still counts!
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    Poll: Are your parents divorced? College Survey

    28 years together and still kicking. I'm a lucky person in terms of parents.