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    My (ex)girlfriend cheated on me. Cheer me up!

    Hey, man... Kinda got some experience about this over here. Best thing you can do right now is to go out with your friends. Hell, go out every single night, even if it's only to take a walk. In about a week you should be feeling better. Also, I know this is a bit unorthodox, but revenge sex...
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    Hulu Will Not Be Renewing Community

    It's probably for the best. Seasons One and Two were pure comedy gold, streets ahead of any other tv show out there. By the end of Season Three, the show was an entirely different beast. A great, magnificent beast, of course,but still completely different. But when Season Four finally came...
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    Netflix Releases Orange Is The New Black Season 2 Trailer

    Granted I haven't seen hemlock grove yet, but so far everything netflix released and I watched has been amazing (OitNB, HoC, AD s4)
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    Facebook to Use Drones to Deliver Internet Access Worldwide

    I wonder how they're gonna prevent people from shooting those things down. Also, what the fuck is Zuckeberg's overall plan by now? Dude just keeps investing tons of money in random far-fetched technology projects for no reason.
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    Your favorite song(s) in a language you don't understand

    I speak Portuguese and English fluently. I also speak Spanish considerably well. So... If you count languages which I know a little bit, I'd say Alors on Danse, by Stromae (which is in French) If you only count languages I absolutely know nothing about, then I'd go with Ievan Polkka, by...
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    This War of Mine is the War Game I've Been Waiting For

    I wouldn't say Gordon Freeman is an average person. OT: Nice concept. Good to see a little bit change in perspective once in a while.
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    Peter Molyneux Hates Free-To-Play

    Said Molyneux again, while thinking of some way to make a crappy game to fit his "new" payment model
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    First Monkeys With Customized Mutations Born In China

    As someone who has suffered quite a bit with genetically transmited disorders I'm absolutely amazed with this news.
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    Poll: Have you ever walked out of a movie at the cinema?

    I guess the only time I've actually walked out of a movie screening before it was over was the time my friends convinced me to watch that damned Tim Burton's Sweeney Todd movie. It was so boring that I didn't even stay for the first half hour. Buying that ticked was probably the worst way I've...
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    Epic Shows Off The Inner-Workings Of Unreal Engine 4

    Oh, well. I don't really understand the obsession this industry has with particle effects. I hope it does something new with physics too.
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    Star Citizen Won't Be "Dumbed Down" For Consoles

    Mark my words, this game will be the end of crowdfunding. I wish it would do fine, though. I really miss space sims.
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    What was the most satisfying weapon you've used in a game?

    The m1 Garand in pretty much any WWII game feels awesome. I love the little "cling" sound it makes when the clip is ejected.
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    Star Citizen Hits $24 Million With Hot New Trailer

    I find it funny how they've racked up $24m before even giving us a direct indication of what their game actually is. Great trailer, though.
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    Brazil's Expensive PS4 Price Tag Due to Import Taxes

    Well, you can always import one yourself. Import tax for this kind of product is around 60%, plus a few minor taxes, that should come to about 70% total. Considering retail value + shipping + taxes, people are predicting it will cost us about R$1,800.00 (about $850). Plenty of people have...
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    Poll: Transhumanism: How Far Would You Take It?

    You have a good point there about people not really willing to go for it should the opportunity come. IMO, though, 6 sounds much more appealing than 5 does. I don't believe the OP meant you would turn into something that's not you (in that case wouldn't you cease to exist anyway?), but rather...