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    What Spiderman/Batman villian do you think can carry a film

    SPIDERMAN: -Mysterio (no superpowers, just a master illusionist who gets into goofy shit) -Carnage (arguably the most powerful Spider-Man villain ever, pure evil and chaos personified) BATMAN: -Mr. Freeze (The Animated Series solidified his character and motivations into something iconic)...
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    Rank the Star Wars Films (or not)

    1) Empire Strikes Back 2) A New Hope 3) Return of the Jedi 4) Colorful Trash 5) Typical Trash 6) Smelly Trash 7) Wet, Smelly Trash 8) Wet, Smelly Trash that tore through the bag 9) The crusty, coagulated scum that coats the bottom of your outside trash bin ...I'm not much of a Star...
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    Japanese trailer for Doom doesn't show violence

    I can't wait to squirt people in Halloween costumes with my water gun!
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    The Social/Cultural Ramifications of one Sex losing a significant portion of their power/purpose?

    I think it is very difficult for us to navigate any element of transhumanism - particularly the relationship between the sexes, given that it is already a difficult and irritating subject in modern, 1st-world society.
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    After what time, is it no longer socially acceptable for an adult to be seen in his pyjamas?

    Do you care at all about being taken seriously by other people who you come across? Yes: It is never acceptable to wear pajamas in public, except MAYBE when checking the mail in the morning No: If you don't care about appropriateness, the answer is redundant either way.
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    Check Out What Shelob Looks Like in this New Middle-Earth: Shadow of War Trailer

    Meh... not nearly as sexy as my bae...
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    Doom Gets New Update, Free Multiplayer DLC, and a Free Weekend

    Bullshit progression system being overhauled to provide player choices in rewards. Confusing hack module system being replaced with simple, consistent options. PvP content not being roped off behind paid DLC anymore for all players. Did Bethesda just remedy 75% of the contentions I...
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    Zenimax is Being Sued Over the Use of "The Wanderer" in Fallout 4 Ads

    Faking outrage to extort money. NEVER HEARD OF THAT BEFORE.
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    So I finally tried Attack on Titan

    I couldn't get through the melodrama. Internal monologues of characters screaming inside of their own minds for 5 minutes was just no fun.
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    People You Hate Whom Everyone Else Loves

    Toby Fox? The dude who made Undertale? Why do you hate him? For something he said or did, or as an extension for creating an extremely obnoxious fanbase? Serious question, because I haven't seen or heard from him making public appearances other than answering a few interview questions. My...
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    Seriously do something about these spambots

    I've never seen it like this... I hope they figure out something soon.
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    Recommend me a 3DS game

    Do Virtual Console games count? If so, I recommend Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages, and Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons. They are Game Boy Color games, but still excellent.
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    This is not an April Fools Joke, this is real.

    Sam and Dean Winchester looked weird enough in the Supernatural anime. Seeing them sketched out in the traditional Hanna-Barbera style just makes my spleen rupture.
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    Wonder Woman's Lasso of Truth

    Good to know I'm not the only one who's seen that documentary. The inspiration behind Wonder Woman's creator was... interesting.
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    So that whole "female main characters don't sell" bullshit

    I'm in total agreement. I think there is an element of truth to the "games with female protagonists" don't sell well, but I don't think they don't sell well BECAUSE they have a female protagonists. It's more that these games aren't part of a long-established, familiar franchise, or other such...