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    What Was What in Avengers

    Good point. I wasn't overly convinced to be honest. Because yeah the big guy is defiantly Thanos. I still think the Red Skull will be coming back in some shape or form, assuming they can get Agent Smith to play him again.
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    What Was What in Avengers

    Not bad idea. However the Cap says that it "looks like A Hydra Weapon" (I.e powered by the Cube). And the physicist that Loki mind controls (Selvig) says something along the lines of "the cube can't fight itself" when Black Widow uses the staff to shut down the portal. Now that does mean it...
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    Nintendo Says You're Playing Kid Icarus: Uprising Wrong

    Metroid Hunters used a similar control system. D-pad to move and stylus to aim. However they did have it so that shooting was done by tapping the touch screen, IIRC, and I thought it was one of the best DS games. Its a shame Kid Icarus appears to have messed it up.
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    Post your desktop/background!

    This is mine <img src=>
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    Miracle of Sound: Joker's Song (Batman: Arkham City)

    That was awesome, I got to watch this show some more
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    Trailers: Star Wars: The Old Republic - Coming Up Trailer

    I can't be the only one who noticed the Guild in question was called "sith happens"?
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    No Right Answer: Han Solo vs. Indiana Jones

    Indiana Jones' father is James Bond technically. I'm a big Solo fan (a Han boy if you will) but I feel that needs to be out there
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    Budget White Metalcraft

    These articles are awesome. And the discussion afterwards is pretty cool, just lurking for the moment to get as much info so when I have time to play I can merk.
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    Warners Announces Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes

    This is actually a pretty cool comic...
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    Warners Announces Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes

    This could be pretty cool, I like lego games in general (although the original batman wasn't as good as the Star Wars game) but the idea of playing as GL is pretty cool. In Brickest day...
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    Meatbag and Co: Meatbag and Co. Episode 1

    Not bad, got some laughs. Not entirely sure why its in minecraft though. When it first started I thought "oh look there trying to be just quirky" but then it actually started being funny when it turned out if he'd actually killed a cow.
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    No Right Answer: Green Lantern Corps vs the Jedi

    If you can forget Mitochlorians you can forget the Ryan Reynolds film. I think that's only fair.
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    Please keep doing this article. That being said I should probably wait until the summer before trying to crack Magic: The Gathering
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    TF2 players, what class do you use the most?

    30 hours solider 11.1 hours medic 6.7 hours engineer I've only had it since free to play. Most of the medic was getting used to maps etc. by following around skilled players and healing them. But solider is by far my best, Black Box, Buff Banner and Equilizer is my load out.
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    The Metagame

    I've only played Magic a few times, using a friends blue and white deck, and it was of the ramp variety. I really liked playing it actually and might have to get into properly one of these days, to be honest I just love looking at the cards. No trading cards are that well designed EDIT: I...