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    Balance of Power Creator Says Kickstarter Used To Be Cool

    Kickstarter was defined as "a crowd funding website for creative projects." Currently, the projects with the highest funds raised are games, and some kind of wristwatch. Now Kickstarter seems to be a method of pre-ordering games that haven't been completely built yet. Asking for money to fund...
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    Rage Review

    Probably in DLC... like Borderlands.
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    Try our "Quake" Quiz!

    I have the Quad.
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    Shed a Tear for This Classic Videogame Death Montage

    Much of those games were classic arcade games. Mostly explosions or other animations representing sprite death. But not a single sprite death-blink. At least none that had any emotional investment in them. Being arcade games, the only emotions that I could recall was the need for more...
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    "Cloud Girlfriend" Provides Users With Fake Facebook Mate

    An interesting concept, but can it create an artificial persona of a women who criticizes me on my Facebook wall? Specifically my being an emotionally dead man-child who plays too many video games and lives inside of my own head most of the time, and who threatens to cut off the relationship...
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    Blizzard Boss Defends Kotick

    Don't hate the player, hate the game.
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    Games That Time Forgot

    Sequels too often dilute the formula that made previous games great. There is no franchise or series that eventually jumps the shark after a period of time. Imagine if Christopher Tolkien kept creating books set in Middle Earth after his father's demise; would they be any good? The Expanded...
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    Game Industry Vets to Sound Off at the East Coast Game Conference

    Game Fundamentals - Whether you're trying to break into the industry or you're an up and coming superstar, this track will cover the fundamental rules of engagement for those interested in getting into game development. Highlighted speakers include: Tony Gaddis, Author and Educator at Haywood...
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    298: Who Needs Friends?

    In addition to a possible relationship with Ulysses, there is a dialogue script that indicates that the Courier has been out west in NCR territory before, specifically New Reno. This is a combination of both personal projection on the part of the...
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    EA's Free-To-Play GM Says $60 Games Are "Exploitative"

    Therein lies the solution, and the problem, to the future of the video game market and the crash back in the beginning of the 80's. Price isn't the core issue, it's the game not being worth the price. Consumers are getting used to the games being currently released; they're very much recycled...
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    Leaked Microsoft Video Reveals Horrible Future for PC Gaming

    The video illuminates only one possible avenue in the future of PC gaming in Microsoft's view. Hopefully it's not the only avenue that will exist 10 or 15 years from now. Also, this avenue focuses on the emerging market of new game players (bored middle-aged mothers and their tech-savvy...
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    Extra Punctuation: Why Regenerating Health Sucks

    Someone who has been shot in the leg, foot, or arm would most likely be able to continue but with considerable difficulty, such as decreased agility or loss of the ability to aim properly. Games that come close to simulating the actual effects of bodily damage in combat are few and far between...
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    THQ Hammered by Sub-Par Homefront Scores

    This game was released today, as in within the last 24 hours. It is a bit too soon to judge the game based on review scores alone, if at all. At the end of the day the game's development staff, publisher, and stockholders don't care what X wrote in the review of the game in publication Y. A...
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    Therapist Repeats "Gaming is Like Snorting Cocaine" Claim

    Sleeplessness? Morrowind and Oblivion frequently put me to sleep while playing them. Several other games caused me to exhibit similar behavior if I wasn't able to play something else before losing consciousness on the nearest couch. Number of kids hopping fences using RPG explosions...
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    ZeniMax Brings Game Expertise to USC Film School

    Oh, good. Movies with bugs in them, and movies about the last space marine on Mars/Earth/Stroggos/some brown technocastle.