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    Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes Reportedly Just Two Hours Long

    People always complain that digital and physical copies shouldn't be the same price. Comes along a top tier franchise with a cheaper price point for digital only, and everyone is up in arms... gaming community at its finest.
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    Saints Row IV Trailer Shows War for Humanity

    This looks awesome, and is a breath of fresh air in the gaming industry.
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    Mojang and Friends Deliver Nine Fresh Games

    The Humble Mojam Bundle is the only bundle where all the money goes to charity, none goes to the developers. It's a charity benefit in similar vain to Desert Bus. The live streams are pretty amusing if you donate during the Jam to watch them. You clearly have some difficulty understanding the...
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    Mojang and Friends Deliver Nine Fresh Games

    Um... because it's for charity?
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    Best PVP In an MMO?

    DC Universe Online You define your hero/villain how you want, it's skill based, there's multiple reason to use most abilities, level doesn't mean a whole lot but it means enough that you don't feel like your time was wasted, etc etc. By far the best PvP I've played in any MMO and I've played...
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    Valve Introduces the Steam Community Market

    Could be because the items being purchased have minimal impact on gameplay, where as the entire purpose of certain other games with real money involved is to find items. Not to mention that by having the Mann Co Store, Valve ensures that the items being sold on their marketplace won't reach...
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    Mike Capps Resigns From Epic Games

    God, yeah, Epic has been such a cancer. What with, developing the single most popular, powerful, and easy to develop for game engine which the industry has pretty much relied on for a bit over a decade now. Also all that nonsense about giving creative tools to the public that Epic backed so...
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    Straight Guy in Wafflehouse beat down for homophobic slur

    I'm surprised there hasn't been a comment on how they punched yet... because... wow.
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    Poll: What color eyes do you want to have?

    Wow... I fail at reading... good call.
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    Poll: What color eyes do you want to have?

    Ignore this post, I fail at reading.
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    Capcom's Latest Scheme: More Sequels, Shortened Development Time

    I don't really see how people are coming down on Capcom for this, all they are doing is adjusting their production strategy to be more on par American publishers. They have to try to be competitive somehow. We can ***** and moan all we want, but our spending habits show that our voices should be...
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    Watch the Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes Gameplay Video

    Practically every PC gamer these days uses the 360 controller when appropriate, so control scheme isn't an issue.
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    Modder Fixes Dark Souls PC Port in 23 Minutes

    Only the retail version has GFWL, the Steam version does not...
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    Woman robs man on side of road, Two "samaritans" help her because she's a woman

    You're kidding right? This right here is exactly the sort of thing OP is talking about. There are plenty of women out there that just flat out wail on guys because they know the guy is expected not to do anything back. As a child, I saw it my mother do it. I saw it in college practically...
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    New Dishonored Screenshots Show Creepy Baby Hat-Mask

    I love that Arkane isn't even in the tags for this article... Most people seem to think Bethesda is making this game...