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    Uncivil War: Mount Your Friends - Jim and Yahtzee Get Physical

    I wanna see the two have a go at Crypt of the NecroDancer. :D
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    Greatest Voicework in a Game, EVER!

    I have to say, the voicework of Mors and Alestar from the Game of Thrones game was pretty awesome (Mors sounded particularly badass). Elizabeth from Bioshock Infinite, as well as the Lutece twins. Most of the Mass Effect series. Chivalry Medieval Warfare (they are extremely hilarious and work...
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    What's your favorite main menu screen?

    I'd have to say my favorite menu is from Space Marine. The video's from the demo, but only the words have changed since.[/youtube]
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    Microsoft Studios Exec Cautions Valve on Launching Hardware

    I'm going to look at this article with a slightly-more objective standpoint. Microsoft executive giving Valve a fair warning that it is in fact difficult to get into the console market (many living rooms contain an Xbox, Playstation, or Nintendo systems [or various mixtures of the three]). Valve...
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    Gavin's Top 5 of Games of 2012

    I found this to be a highly enjoyable read, and I still need to play Far Cry and Dishonoured. I can understand that the Butt Stallion was awesome, and I can't say much for Walking Dead. I'm just happy ME3 is on the list. ^_^
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    I think I hate to talk about music more than anything else.

    When I talk about music to friends, I try my best to keep it minimal because I never see how to "convince" another to like a certain genre of music and if they already like the same type of music as I, then we'll talk a bit about favorite songs and parts of said songs, but not for too long...
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    I collect dice . . . STFU!

    I... Don't see where he needs "die." Anyway, everyone has a degree of their enjoyment with a(n) [series of] object(s). It's understandable that it might drive you insane because someone collecting the same object as you is not as knowledgable, but everyone also has their own reasons for...
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    Time Lists Top Ten Videogames of 2012

    I'm glad some of these games made it on (especially Guild Wars 2 as #1; I enjoyed it immensely and put together quite well). I was surprised to see Halo 4 only as number 9 (I'm not a player myself), as I thought it would've made closer to 3 or 4. I can see the positions of Dishonoured and AC3...
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    Miracle of Sound: Distant Honor (Dishonored)

    At first, I didn't care for it. Then I got to the Drunken Whaler and thought, "Woah." After I reached the end, I was at, "... Maybe if I listen again." And then again. And then then again. And then then then again. It's grown on me. Great job, Gav. =)
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    The great avatar battle of death... how they die? You decide...!

    *grunts as the weight of the demon brings its foot down upon his ceramite armor. Begins to shoot the daemon with his wrist-mounted storm bolter, hoping the ceramite won't break before it's too late.*
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    The great avatar battle of death... how they die? You decide...!

    *attacks with his power halberd*
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    How is that related?

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    Dragon Age 3 May Be BioWare's Biggest Game Yet

    The way I see it, BioWare did indeed flop a bit. But! I still enjoyed DA:O and DA2 thoroughly. DA:O was certainly better, but I don't feel that DA2 was bad. I mean sure, the levels were copy-pasted (more noticeably than in DA:O) many times, but that didn't really deteriorate my experience with...
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    Mass Effect 4 Will Not Feature Shepard or "Shepard 2"

    Agreed. I felt that the story and combat mixed together quite nicely (one of the memorable ones for me is the introduction of the banshee on the ardat-yakshi monastery). As for the game in entirety, I loved it. I don't understand how fifteen minutes ruins 20+ hours of gameplay. I've always...
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    Mass Effect 4 Will Not Feature Shepard or "Shepard 2"

    Honestly, I can't wait to see the story for ME4. I loved ME3, especially after they fixed the endings. I'm also interested with how they'll deal with creating a new character. So many possibilities can be done. They can still keep the same sort of atmosphere, even. If they do it right. I...