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    10-Year-Old Borrows Steamy Gay Sex Manga From Local Library

    My library has similar books. Used to check them out all the time when I was 12-13. I didnt show anyone though. I'm not stupid. Angel Sanctuary, that was one of the longer series I read. Huge amount of gay sex and incest and all that. Also...
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    Poll: What percentage of games that you purchase are brand new, $60 titles?

    I think the last game I bought on release was Skyrim, and that was because I happened to be in town at 9:00am on the morning of release. I don't really buy games on release anymore, mostly because I forget. I was going to buy Guild Wars 2 on release, but only picked it up a few weeks ago. The...
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    Poll: Lack of basic mathmatical skills

    You spelt mathematics wrong. Seriously, fix that, it ruins your credibility.
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    EA's Facebook tagged with hentai...(and other things)

    awww, the page is down. Thoroughly disappointed. Other than that, doesnt seem like a big deal. I mean its facebook. Why are people on EA's Facebook? Are they friends with EA? Where are their real friends? It almost makes me cry when I think of people watching EA's wall posts. Thats no way to live.
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    Notch Tweets Rage Over Minecraft Party Sexual Assault

    Its a sad situation, but I am loving the Minecraft puns.
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    Poll: Games aren't gay enough.

    You make a good point False Nobility. It would be nice to see more diversity in terms of characters in games. However, I don't think its because of any malice on the developers part. Its just lazy writing or plain writing. For example, there are no women in Stalker: Call of Pripyat. None are...
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    Poll: Sell me on (or warn me about) Guild Wars

    I dont know much about Guild Wars, I actually came in here for some opinions on it. But you mentioned Champions of Norrath, and I love that game, so that makes you awesome.
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    On the other hand, Black Ops has Tomahawks. Which just makes it automatically better. I suck at Counterstrike, so I just play every game as if it were Scoutknives. Its so shameful to get killed by Captain Scountknives.
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    Julian Assange is a prick.

    MODS PUT THIS IN R&P. DO WHAT I SAY BECAUSE IM USING THE BIGGER LETTERS! Heh, Politiks Personally, I wouldn't trust the US Government, nor would I doubt its influence. They're sneaky. I like to think this rabbit hole runs a lot deeper than Hes a prick and a rapist/hes not either of those...
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    Poll: Is pvp/multiplayer a copout for creating real game content?

    I am going to sleep tonight with your words in on my mind, spinning faster and faster around my head until they are screaming at me. It will never end. This is my life now.
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    Poll: Is pvp/multiplayer a copout for creating real game content?

    Let me answer your question with another question. If a developer does add pvp and multiplayer simply so they dont have to bother making a decent single player mode,why would you play their game? Why would you even care?
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    Ape Escape: Did anyone actually play this game?

    Funnily enough I did, but not as a child. I picked it up about 2 years ago at a Second Hand store, even though I never played any of them. It just seemed like something id like. Turned out to be quite good. I got stuck on one part, and didnt finish it.
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    Poll: Does anyone else feel like "Extra Credits" is full of shit?

    Yeah, so many people think Extra Credits is full of Shit. Not me though, I think theyre alright.
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    Airlines asking men to move seats because they might be molesters

    Well, now im just super confused because a lot of commentors are going on about Femenazis, but I can't see why. The article on Jez wasn't supportive of this rule at all. I can see why the airlines would implement this rule. Covering your ass does take priority over everything else, and they...
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    Poll: Nicki Minaj is a prophet from the future.

    Man, think of how this changes her other songs For example, Super Bass "This one is for the boys with the Booming Systems Top Down, AC with the Cooling Systems" Its Gibberish today, but in the future? Those boys are are Cyborgs, with guns (Booming Systems) in their Faces, and Cooling...