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    I HATE rich people...

    It's pointless to me to hate the people rather than the system that allows people to assume position of such a large disparity in power.
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    Former RWBY Animator Shane Newille Releases Personal Account on RWBY's Production

    Sounds like a fairly typical example of company life. Whether the network effect of centralising all that stuff outweighs the terrible grock of their crap setup.... -shrug- Maybe yes, maybe no. Expanding teams is pretty darned expensive to individual productivity in any case - so if you can keep...
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    i smell a copyright war incoming

    I'd imagine it's also why you can see right through the rear of it despite the perspective. From that angle it seems like you should be seeing the inside of the ship's hull on the other side, not right through to what's behind it. The surface normals - the direction from which 'light' is reflect...
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    Is bottling up emotions a sign of strength?

    Not in that particular instant, bottling everything up without any way to actually deal with the situations is not good for you though. You've only got so much self control- same for everyone.
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    Poll: Would you or have you donated your sperm/egg?

    Hmm, a chance to get legally screwed. No thanks. If it was like no questions asked, ?20 a pop, the law can't touch you? Sure. But... yeah. No.
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    Poll: What would you do with your dream super power?

    Save game slot for life. I'd be able to return, at will or automatically in the case of death or debilitating injury - with an option to load the save spot or die of course, to avoid the obvious "live too long and go insane" problem - to a specific point in my past, retaining all the knowledge...
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    Do people actually give a shit about Karma on reddit?

    There are two things I dislike about Reddit karma: One is that it turns the sorting into a populist fuckpit full of the lowest common denominators for any particular group. (i.e. exactly what it was designed for, drive traffic.) The other is that people downvote rather than argue with you...
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    Is bottling up emotions a sign of strength?

    My general observation is that 'strong' people, or at least ones that have any significant power in a group because of their behaviour (vs inherited or role power,) tend not to lose their shit too readily. Conflicts tends to be costly, and you need to be able to take a step back when you're...
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    Girlfriend vs Mom dilemma

    Your financial situation is the most important thing at the moment. If it's going to keep your mother paying, then that's the way that seems to me to make the most sense to compromise. Even if you could get away with compromising in the other direction it's unlikely that you could do so without...
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    To make friends happy, or to buy myself a kickass-looking game

    -sigh- I wouldn't try to buy your friends. It will make them happy for a short while, but in the long run one doesn't hold much affection for their wallet. In a few months they'll be back to their normal level of happy - if it lasts that long - and you won't have your lovely money. Save it...
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    Poll: The End of Days - How do you spend it?

    Well, I'm not going to bother to go to work, that's for damn sure. Find somewhere with beautiful scenery, kick back with a book and chill until the world ends I suppose. Not like there's much else to do at that point - there's no point going out of my way to kill the people I'd like dead or...
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    Poll: Implants: Do/would you support them? (Probably NSFW)

    Support? Eh, knock yourself out? If she wanted them and it was her birthday, I might pay... Provided we're not reaching well into the realms of silliness, I have no strong feelings on this either way. Like, handfuls are fine but if someone wants a bit extra... It's essentially a fashion...
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    The Escapist's Math Corner

    Told to?... Okay, so how do you determine whether the person telling you to do it is making a legal move or not? - Whether what they're saying preserves the relationships expressed by the equation?
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    The Escapist's Math Corner

    Seems to work fine for other numbers x = 5 Multiply both sides by ten 10x = 50 Subtract x from both sides 9x = 50 - 5 Simplify 9x = 45 Divide both sides by 9 x = 5 y = .456 Multiply both sides by ten 10y = 4.56 Subtract y from both sides 9y = 4.56 - .456 Simplify 9y = 4.104...
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    The Escapist's Math Corner

    It really doesn't. One statement that they're making is that for any ratio 1/n there exists a 1:1 decimal representation. That's generally, though admittedly not universally, accepted. You might reject that. You might even reject that you're allowed to do multiplication on any infinite series...