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    What Are Some Good Movies Where The GOOD GUY Fails?*

    Since 1984 has already been mentioned several times, I'll go with The Great Gatsby.
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    The Political Compass test!

    I see left-bias because of the particular wording, as many of the questions are worded in extreme ways, for example, one question asked "Because corporations cannot be trusted to protect the environment, they require regulation." The wording implies that corporations cannot be trusted to protect...
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    The Political Compass test!

    I have a pretty big problem with how many of these questions are worded. There is a very strong bias towards the left in the text of the questions. I also find the lack of a neutral option troubling. Economic Left-Right: 0.88 Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -2.41
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    Youtube comment debate help

    This, and everything else that has been said so far in this thread. There's no reason to be arguing on Youtube; you're just feeding the troll.
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    Enemies That Make You Go "Oh Fuck This"

    Zubat. Annoying little things. EDIT: Ninja'd
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    No Right Answer: Most Addictive Timesink Ever

    I'm sorry, but World of Warcraft is definitely the most addictive time sink in the history of video games. People have literally DIED because of this game.
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    Which archetype RPG class would you be in real life?

    I would probably be a wizard. While I am stronger and more agile than most people that I know, my intelligence is my defining trait. I see myself as a pyromancer, specifically, due to my confident nature, coupled with my tendency to berserk when angry.
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    Fictional Universes That You Would Live In

    I would probably most enjoy existing in Huxley's Brave New World, assuming that I exist as an Alpha, rather than a Beta or less. I think I fit the description of an Alpha pretty well. Otherwise, probably Pokemon, for reasons already stated.
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    Sad Endings That Are Good (Potential Spoilers)

    I really loved the ending of Orwell's 1984, and that of Huxley's Brave New World. I also enjoyed the ending of Hamlet, Othello, and MacBeth.
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    Poll: An interesting conundrum

    This is a little more complex than yay or nay. I, personally, would allow them to deify my, though I would try to convince them that I was not. Freedom of religion is something I consider important, as is truth.
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    Poll: Skyrim; Empire or. Rebels?

    I like Talos, so I sided with the Stormcloaks.
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    For the older gamers (10+ years of gaming), what is your GOTD (game of the decade)?

    Frankly, I couldn't imagine a Game of The Decade Award for this last decade going to anything but World of Warcraft. Nothing else has made it's mark like WoW. It's still relevant 7 years after initial launch, and millions of people are still playing it.
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    Have you ever beaten a game without dying once... on the first try?

    Pretty much every Pokemon game ever, SSBB's Subspace Emissary, Ocarina of Time, and FFI (Dawn of Souls).
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    Scar is the villianiest villian to ever villain up the joint.

    I was going to be upset if nobody had yet mentioned Shakespeare's work in this thread. Iago of Othello, in my opinion, is the greatest villain in any work of literature I have ever read, watched, or otherwise consumed. Lady Macbeth was pretty nasty, too, for the first couple acts, anyway...
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    Poll: Whats your Skyrim character going to be like?

    I'll probably focus on One-handed, Block, Destruction, Restoration, and Heavy Armor, myself; I like to have the option to cut my enemy's testicles off, or melt their faces Raiders of the Lost Ark style.