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    Star Citizen Too Much Game for Consoles to "Handle"

    All reading this article makes me wonder is how much bloatware and sloppy programming went into padding the game so much that it becomes a resource-hungry "game" that most people won't even be able to play without a supercomputer.
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    Thor Is Getting Gender-Flipped. Officially.

    Great secrets were revealed to me the day I held aloft my hammer and said: "For the honour of Asgard!" She-Thor! She-Thor!
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    Surprisingly nice momments in videogames

    It's cool. It'd be neat to have a character with dwarfism that wasn't from a fictional race of beings.
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    Extant Premiere Review: Surprisingly Solid Summer Sci-Fi

    Well I was looking forward to seeing what this show was like, but the way you talk about it makes it sound like it sucks. I was hoping for science fiction, not some lame family-focused soap-opera with an annoying robot child and ooh-spooky-mystery to fill out the "sci-fi" quota.
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    Surprisingly nice momments in videogames

    Short sided? Is that a cute way of saying you have dwarfism or are you talking about your vision a.k.a. sight?
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    Grand Theft Objectivity

    Holy necro Batman! How did you even find this thread?
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    GameStop Wants to Snag Exclusive Gameplay as Preorder Bonuses

    Wrong again. If a publisher deliberately decides NOT to release a game in a particular region, they have nobody to blame but THEMSELVES when that game gets pirated by people in that region. Region locking games causes publishers their problems.
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    EA: Dungeon Keeper Failed by "Innovating Too Much"

    I'm not usually a violent person. But after reading the OP, I just want to punch EA in the boob.
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    Sacred 3

    It looks cool, though I wasn't aware that there wouldn't be random loot. Kinda loses a few points after hearing that. Also, why do people keep saying 'well that's a thing' or whatever? No duh, everything is a damn thing. Seems like a silly nonsense phrase.
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    GameStop Wants to Snag Exclusive Gameplay as Preorder Bonuses

    Why would I pre-order a game in this day and age? Been burned too many times by rushed-out beta releases that needed day 1 patching. Or were just plain old crappy crap. Now I always wait for reviews before deciding whether to spend my money. Then in that case, Gamestop aren't required...
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    Sacred 3

    I played as a Dryad, and pumped every last Rune into that buff that gives you an auto-healing effect and was virtually invincible. Good times.
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    Sacred 3

    So I've just discovered that Sacred 3 is going to be A Thing. PC, PS3 & Xbox. I was quite excited as I remember Sacred 2 on the PC being very fun and addictive. Then I remembered that the console port of Sacred 2 was a half-assed incompetent mess and my enthusiasm for Sacred 3 on the PS3...
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    Ubisoft: "DLC is Pretty Much Accepted Now"

    When it comes to Ubisoft, it should be referred to as DLM. Downloadable malcontent.
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    So EA outdid themselves again

    They only decided it was an "error" because people didn't like it, it's nothing but Microsoft-esque backtracking.
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    Ubisoft Scores Legal Win in Patent Case

    Someone... actually made me root for Ubisoft? Ubisoft? I think I just threw up in my mouth a little. I guess, as the saying goes, the enemy of my enemy is my... ugh... not-quite-as-enemy-y.