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    Adventure Time Meets Pokémon In Video About Farts

    And yet good fart jokes are an oxymoron.
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    The only option is to lose

    It is actually possible to take out all the agents sent in to try and take out Paul. Done it a couple of times myself. Once you do, Paul heads out of the building and you get to go back to the fight Gunther. Or not, if you decide to go quietly.
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    Scott Pilgrim VS the world XBLA review

    As a note, it's not 8-bit graphics. It's 16-bit.
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    Poll: Hardcore/New Game on Fallout: New Vegas

    As a note, if you're going to be taking Trigger Discipline, don't use the character for sniping. Fast Shot works better for sniping, while TD is better for automatics.
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    DICE Threatens Bans For Playing on Modded Battlefield 3 Servers

    Because, really, they don't need their game stress tested. This is a time-limited demo in all but name. Most likely, all the actual beta shit has been done months before. The most likely issue here is that when the game is finally released, people may still be able to host the beta servers, thus...
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    Mystery Bunny Promotes Sega's Worst-Kept Secret

    So, is this competition similar to those piss easy ones on television where they say something like "Britney Spears' best-selling debut hit is Hit Me Baby One More ___" followed by the options "Turkey", "Time" and "Clock"? The ones that are probably as hard to win as the lottery because about...
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    How could the British school system improve?

    Ah, you mean the one where they think that the average citizen can do the same job as a fully trained and paid teacher. Yeah, not exactly sure what the government was thinking there.
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    How could the British school system improve?

    Exactly what do you mean by this? Public schools in general or something completely different?
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    Insignificant Things That Ruined Your Ex Favorite Game

    Which one, Human Revolution or the original?
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    Would it be a bit of a cop-out to say Shadows of the Damned?
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    ITT: CTRL+V and see what happens.

    From a post on another forum, used to post information about the upcoming Syndicate.
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    Syndicate Gameplay Trailer Turns Up the Heat

    Recall that Syndicate came out in '93. A good portion of gamers today have probably never heard of it. I mean, if I were to say I'm playing Sword of the Samurai, would you think I was talking about the 1983 action and strategy DOS game, or the European 2003 release of Kengo 2?
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    Syndicate Gameplay Trailer Turns Up the Heat

    Looks okay, but there's one thing I want to know; can we run around using the Persuadertron on every single fucker we see to build ourselves an army of human shields?
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    Blockbuster Offers Journalists Bribes For Anti-Netflix Tweets

    So, why is it Blockbuster in the UK seems to be of a different breed than Blockbuster in the US? Here, Blockbuster is still going strong and actually offers a decent service. Over there, suddenly everything sounds like Bizzaro Blockbuster.